New payment method for Odex VOD credits/points

28 09 2007

After all the complaining and complaining about Odex’s original payment method for the VOD service, Paypal, Odex has removed that option.

However, they replaced it with another method that isn’t any improvement, eNets. And removed all other options. -_-”
The new payment method is like a more complicated and potentially dangerous version of Paypal, since Odex is using a third-party, 12epay, which requires you to give out even more of your information like phone numbers and personal details more than what is transmitted through Paypal transactions, and which seems to have no encryptions at all. *

I urge you not to follow what I’m about to do!

You have to go through 3 steps at the 12epay link that Odex gives at its Help page, which I will go through now.

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