Otakurean Giveaway On-going!

25 09 2007

Proudly sponsored by magicfindsheep to celebrate the opening of pp.otakurean.com‘s opening, a figurine of Lancer from Fate/Stay Night will be given away to one lucky person.



There’s not alot of moe, but Lancer is still Gar-rer than Archer if you want your weekly infusion of Manliness.

All you need to do is just to register at pp.otakurean.com, and then leave a comment at this post, along with a four number combination like 1234.

However, this is only for Singaporean readers of Otakurean(for now), as collection will be only at Sunshine plaza
EDIT: PP just needs to check the shipping cost before confirming.


Ps. This blog has 1000 hits, but I think it’s because of my frequent refreshing :S.