Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu fanvid and more Odex failures

26 09 2007

I was thinking of blogging about this little fanvideo of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, when I decided to check out my Blog Surfer.
And guess what? This was the little tidbit I found.

Odex copied a.f.k.’s subs wholesale. Or more like, very heavily referenced.

Apparently, Chraen remembered to switch on the TV to tune in to Ch 56 and watch the premièring of Haruhi(which I totally forgot about..).

Well, I won’t attack Odex on their dubbing, since contrary to what The New Paper thinks, I had no expectations for that in the first place.

But Odex. Still copying fansubs even after all the ballyhoo about admitting to your own mistakes in using fansubs as reference?


There’s no end to the (0.0)y -ing.

On the other note;

Crunchyroll’s admin Shinji put up the Mai HiMe promo on the Featured Media section on the frontpage, which made me go OMG more Mai HiME?!?! when it was just the old ecchi promo. /sad

Sadly, since the Haruhi fanvideo is on Crunchyroll, there’s no way I can embed it here. So go over to CR and watch the fanvid there.