The (Not So) Great Aggregate post

23 01 2009

Seeing as how I’ve been rotting in real life as well as in otakudom, I figured I’d go on a commenting spree today.

Mostly, it’s just jubilation over Mizuki Nana’s No.1 spot on the Oricon charts, one ranking that’s well deserved. Shin Ai is a wonderful song, despite the simplicity. Or perhaps the simplicity is the charm. In any case, when Agematsu Mika and Mizuki Nana team up, the result will always be wonderful.

There are also the new Nanoha figures that will be getting releases soon, like the Alter Subaru(covered at Zotaku), and Alter Fate in Shin Sonic Form. I must be retarded not to know that about the Fate release earlier, considering the news came out around November. Oh wait, I was too busy trying to cram years of subjects into my head within a month. Damn exams.

May’n STREET was also released on the same date as Shin Ai. I still haven’t heard the album yet, but I’m skipping straight ahead to Lion -May’n version- first. XD

LaMB  has been getting lots and lots of publicity as the air date looms closer – Yahoo!answers contest, Blogger’s contest, and even product placement by famed designer Vivienne Tam – which I think marks a positive change for anime merchandising(of a sort), rather than just figurine and plushies.

Well, that’s a lot of tags for now. I’ll go watch WHITE ALBUM now.