People who have become rich

27 11 2008

You know, I’ve always been envious of those people who are the real life examples of hard work and luck making you rich, people becoming “Nouveau riche“, or starring in their Cinderella style rags-to-riches sort of story.

But what exactly is this “Nouveau riche” and how is it defined in this current generation?

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Viagogo 6 Nations Tickets and More

26 09 2008

Viagogo is a UK based ticket hub selling all sorts of tickets to events spanning from music by Kanye West to sports like cricket. It actually works somewhat like eBay, as a portal for matching people to buy and sell tickets to any events, thus allowing for more variety. Or it could also be described to be like a movie theatre’s website, where you’re able to choose the type of seats you want, except for the time needed for the delivery of the ticket. (All tickets are able to be tracked online through viagogo, and there is live customer support seven days a week in case of any problems with ticket delivery.)

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SuggestionBox – Customer Feedback

17 07 2008

I stumbled upon this neat website called, which is for customer feedback, which can really help one company *coughodexcough* that comes immediately to mind when someone speaks of Customer relationship management.

As the name shows, it’s for people to write down their suggestions for companies/products/events and other such things that can be improved upon through feedback. The website serves as a middleman, by passing on the suggestion to the company or people in charge, but you have to have the company’s e-mail address before you can suggest your ideas. There is also a limit of just 140 characters for each suggestion, which is not an easy task if you have quite a lot to say to the company. The website also allows for anonymous suggesting.

Since this is a beta stage, I’m looking forward to more features like actually seeing proof of suggestions being implemented. As it stands, any implemented suggestions are just marked with a green tick and not really supported with concrete proof like press releases or replies from the companies. I would also like to see all suggestions being listed fully out on the page instead of just a tally of the amount of suggestions a company currently has.

For more on Customer relationship marketing that is actually interactive and allows your suggestion to be heard instead of being lost in Customer Service, just head over to SuggestionBox and suggest to your heart’s content.

Ps. Odex’s box.

UK Prepaid Credit Cards

26 06 2008

What Prepaid Card is a website for comparing prepaid cards, based in the UK and Europe. However, even though it says UK, the website can help not just the British, but also everyone else as the prepaid card reviews are quite general in their recommendations with regards to location.

I find the website to be very in-depth in listing the pros and cons of the various credit cards, which includes the MasterCard Gold Cashplus Card. Prepaid Cards are widely accepted around the internet, including big hitters like eBay and Paypal. Even if you don’t have a credit card, and wish to use your Paypal past the limit of $1000, you can register using a prepaid card. Doing so lowers the risk of having your identity stolen, which is become more and more common these days.

In addition to Prepaid Card Review, there’s also the  online prepaid cost calculator, which narrows down the list of prepaid cards that you could apply for, based on criteria like age of the credit card holder and online payment for the card.

I was personally contemplating getting the CardOne Prepaid Mastercard, since it allows me to withdraw Paypal funds into a brand new bank account that comes with the card, but it’s UK only.

Guess I just have to toddle down to the local bank, or just spend all the Paypal cash on Marimite…

Conference and Interactive Audience Response Systems

16 05 2008

So, I was reading a few back issues of the Business Times, and I was just thinking about the fact that many SMEs(Small Medium Enterprises) require lots of conferences round the world and audience response.
This is because some SMEs source from a lot of different areas and require communication and interaction to actually be able to get their job done.
This even applies to the United States Presidential elections, where the audience have to be polled after the… well, polls.

Makes you wonder at the amount of impatience in the halls, no?

I was looking up more on conference methods, like what SMEs use and stuff and found a few interesting software.

Well first, there’s Skype. It’s pretty much the poster boy for all conferencing and internet telephony services and fan-favourite among most otakus who actually talk to each other.

And then there’s this nifty service provider called The Extreme Group, which provides an Audience Response System. It’s tagged as a company which designs an engaging audience response strategy that will produce results with real value.
They count Microsoft and Apple Computer as part of their huge client base.
They’ve also provided their services for one of the Presidential Debates, which shows you that everyone needs Interactive Audience Response where people tell you what they want, and how they want it. Something Odex should learn from LOL.

I can just imagine that lol, otakus in a theatre at Sinema old school where an episode of Shakugan no Shan
a has just aired, pressing in their feedback through interactive keypads provided by The Extreme Group, that tells Odex whether they suck or not.

Even Creative has weighed in, with their new inPerson conferencing system.

That’s all I could find though, and I think the Extreme Group system is probably the best and well connected, if you count their clientèle and ‘realness’.