Bleach Manga Chapter 318 – Five Pillars/Four Pillars

18 07 2008

I seem to like short and easy to write posts now.

Here’s a quick summary of this week’s chapter of the Bleach manga.

/Start Summary/

After the flashback to Soul Society a century ago, we’re back in the present. Ichigo and crew are still in Hueco Mundo trying to get Inoue Orihime back from Ulqiorra, who was left in charge of Hueco Mundo. That was because Aizen and the rest of the villains left for Karakura Town back in Bleach chapter 315 to get the key to dominating the world using the Juureichi(Karakura Town) and the 100, 000 souls.

Instead of starting the fights now, Kubo Tite goes for more Ichigo/Ulqiorra double entendres.(Let’s unsheathe both our swords at the same time!)

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An edit to how it really should have been

There also seems to be an internal power struggle between the Hollows, or Barragan(the old man) is just really paranoid about the other Espada usurping his position. He commands the Hollows to attack the four pillars that are sealing the space and keeping the real Karakura Town in Soul Society.

However, in the last pages, the minor characters get their chance to shine. Hisagi Shuuhei, Izuru Kira, Madarame Ikkaku and Yumichika Ayasegawa are the ones protecting the pillars that keep Karakura Town in Soul Society and shred the Hollows to pieces.

/End Summary/

I find the Bleach art to be deteriorating with ever since the Arrancar arc started. From rather sharp, hard angles to Ichigo’s face, it’s turned into some kind of oval shape, like his face has actually elongated. Perhaps it’s to show that Ichigo is growing up, but I think the older design looked much better and had more KU-RU! to it.

Before and After

(Right Click and View Picture)

In any case, I will still be reading the new chapters, if only for Yoruichi.

Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 214

14 06 2008

I actually have another post addressing my absence in the draft phase, if anybody cares but this is even better.

I’ve finally had the time to catch up on the last four chapters or so, and the manga is finally being in MQ(for the usual Negima raw, mangaddict scanlations are actually HQ, I think).

Epic fanboying under the cut.

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Haruhi manga licensed in Singapore by ChuangYi comics

11 12 2007

This is freaking awesome.

It might not be the original light novels, but Chuangyi is still the first company to have licensed the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu manga version, announced on the Chuangyi forums here(you need membership to view).

It’s going to be out early 2008, under the English translated title ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’.

Image stolen from Akayuki’s blog.

Excuse me while I fangirl more over Chuangyi’s EPIC WIN-ness.

In your face, tokyopop/VIZ/DHM/Del Rey!

And on an entirely unrelated note : The article in Straits Times on Gail Simone had an error. The Birds of Prey tv series came out before Gail helmed the comics.  😀

Chuang Yi Bazaar ’07

26 11 2007

Headed over to the Bazaar yesterday with armed with more than two hundred dollars, and all I have left now is $42.20.


I had a hard time navigating the area though, since I haven’t been to Bukit Merah in around five years or so, the last time being to visit the library there for a much coveted book(at that time).

Anyway, on with the list of purchases.

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Claymore Manga Extra Scene Chapter 4 – An Iron Resolve

7 10 2007

It’s about time.

Title: An Iron Resolve

This time, the Special offers us an in-depth look into what Clare did after Teresa’s death and before the happenings in the manga…

Spoilers/Summary underneath the cut…

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Everyone wants to set up an Anime Club

9 09 2007

Yeah, they seriously do.

So far I’ve seen Vr-Zone, XedoDefense, and SgCafe members talking about setting up a library of Anime DVDs for rental, or mass screenings in a private location and even a Non-profit organisation .

Problem is, everything needs licenses to be done, from what I know.

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