Selling anime figurines – Natsuki Kruger 1/8, Black Saber [Extremely Rare items]

7 03 2010

I’m in dire need of cash, and these figurines have been left untouched for so long I thought I’d put them up for sale to a better home.

Mai Otome Vol.5 Natsuki Kruger Master Lobe Ver. (PVC Figure) by Atelier Sai

– Unopened.
– 1/10
– 18 points of articulation
– Replaceable arms/weapons.

This Natsuki Kuga figurine has been out of stock/out of print for around 4 years now, and had a limited run when it was first released. It retails at around 75SGD, but I’m selling it for 60SGD.
Note: the box is rather dented, but it has not been opened before.

Fate/Stay Night Revoltech Pre-Painted PVC Action Figure – Black Saber by Alter

– Size: 145mm
– Sculpted by Enoki Tomohide
– 14 points of articulation with exchangable face-mask and two swords.

This is another figure that has been out of stock/out of print for quite some time too, 3 years, to be exact. It’s also a limited edition figurine.

Selling it for 40SGD.

Selling both together for SGD95.

Everything is COD. Please email me for further details/confirmation at digigatou[at]gmaildotcom, comment here with your email.

The first glimpse of My Otome 0 – S.ifr ?

10 11 2007

Got to CDJapan, and as always, the first thing I searched was My Hime.

Got the usual hits on the Mai Hime characters albums, but what was surprising was that they actually had My Otome 0/S.ifr out for pre-order!

Details and picture under the cut.

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Because I love Nao.

6 10 2007

Nao is to be seen in her full glory if you click. Probably worksafe. Read the rest of this entry »

Shizuru Viola Figurine from Wave Corp.

25 09 2007

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Featuring Shizuru Viola in the swimsuit from Episode One of Mai Otome Zwei.

So Mai OtomeShizuru fanboys, this is the time for you to get your shit together and go pre-order from Play-Asia till it thinks it’s getting an DoS attack.

This is a must-have item, especially if you bought the Mai Otome trading figures with Kruger in it, because there’s something enjoyable to be seen if you do so. šŸ˜›

1/10 Scale PVC Figure
US$ 38.90 (~59.13 SGD)
In stock on Oct, 2007
Limited availability

Available at Play-Asia and KKnM Yoyaku for pre-ordering.

Ps. Does anyone notice the irony? Swimsuit figurine from Wave corp. šŸ˜›

Oh My Juliet!

19 09 2007


I amwas listening to the song Oh My Juliet by LM.C, and I put my screenshot of Nao’s attack getting verification from the Shinso in Episode 3 of Mai Otome Zwei as my theme header.

The attack’s name is Bloody Stripe Circus.

Not Bloody Stripe Curcus.(Look above)

There was the J.N.G mistake for Juliet Nao Zhang in Episode 25 or 26, can’t exactly remember it, I need to get a screencap!

And yay! Ippiki-Ookami ain’t dead!

Ps. I’ll be inactive for the time being(during weekdays), since my entire schedule is packed with studying and tuition for the exams and whatnot.

Mai Hime Destiny

15 09 2007

I think I’m about to like Mai HiMe Destiny.

Why? Because Shion and Mayo are the love childs from a yuri orgy of all the female characters in Mai HiMe. Or maybe because Shion is a Natsuki/Nao/Chie clone, and Mayo is a Mai/Shiho/Natsuki-in-a-dress clone.

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