ZOMG I met Gail Simone and Kurt Busiek

2 12 2007

Thanks to zer0’s post on the Singapore Writers Festival, I managed to get there in time for the panel on Heroes in Singapore.

and ZOMG, Gail signed a copy of Birds of Prey to me.

and you can’t tell that I edited it, can you?

/fanboy nonstop.

Am too high to post more.

Chuang Yi Bazaar ’07

26 11 2007

Headed over to the Bazaar yesterday with armed with more than two hundred dollars, and all I have left now is $42.20.


I had a hard time navigating the area though, since I haven’t been to Bukit Merah in around five years or so, the last time being to visit the library there for a much coveted book(at that time).

Anyway, on with the list of purchases.

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Batman: Hong Kong

11 10 2007

I’ve always been a fan of DC Comics, especially their stable of the biggest heroes available in the superhero universe. Namely ; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans and the Birds of Prey.

Getting to the library yesterday, I came across Batman : Hong Kong.

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