Selling anime figurines – Natsuki Kruger 1/8, Black Saber [Extremely Rare items]

7 03 2010

I’m in dire need of cash, and these figurines have been left untouched for so long I thought I’d put them up for sale to a better home.

Mai Otome Vol.5 Natsuki Kruger Master Lobe Ver. (PVC Figure) by Atelier Sai

– Unopened.
– 1/10
– 18 points of articulation
– Replaceable arms/weapons.

This Natsuki Kuga figurine has been out of stock/out of print for around 4 years now, and had a limited run when it was first released. It retails at around 75SGD, but I’m selling it for 60SGD.
Note: the box is rather dented, but it has not been opened before.

Fate/Stay Night Revoltech Pre-Painted PVC Action Figure – Black Saber by Alter

– Size: 145mm
– Sculpted by Enoki Tomohide
– 14 points of articulation with exchangable face-mask and two swords.

This is another figure that has been out of stock/out of print for quite some time too, 3 years, to be exact. It’s also a limited edition figurine.

Selling it for 40SGD.

Selling both together for SGD95.

Everything is COD. Please email me for further details/confirmation at digigatou[at]gmaildotcom, comment here with your email.

ANN Review of R1 Nanoha boxset

16 12 2008

ANN reviewed the MGLN R1 release here. Fans of the show will probably go “OMG RAGE RAGE RAGE” while non-fans will probably go “OMG What kind of sick crap is this show?!”.

The discussion thread arising from this article was pretty much the funniest part of the entire thing. Lots of arguing and whatnot, but it effectively got ended by this user review, and BAM, not two pages later, Zac(not Efron) locks it. XD

Personally I thought the reviewer for ANN was overly harsh in this supposedly impartial review for the Nanoha boxset.

Add to that his skin-crawling lolicon fan-service—which includes a brutal whipping in which eight-year-old Fate’s clothes are flayed from her body as she hangs trussed from a rope—and the series is pretty grim going.

That’s just sick, I mean, who the hell goes “YAY FATE ABUSE FOR MY S&M JOLLIES FAP FAP FAP FAP”? Everyone whom I know has watched Nanoha(and I know of quite a lot of them) have all thought Precia was a right bitch and couldn’t wait for her to be killed. I sure did.

And I’m pretty sure none of them thought of the scene as mere fan-service, but more of a scene which furthers the plot and gives viewers more insight into what exactly Fate’s motivations for collecting the Jewel Seeds are.

This is also pretty much the only scene that has such child abuse in the series, so I don’t get how the going is grim either. Of course, episodes 10 to 12 are pretty harsh, but not on that level. Not to mention the transformations, which I skip over every time too.

I also saw a clip(spoilers for Ep 12) kindly uploaded by Fate’s English VA(Jennifer Alyx) and thought the voice cast was not that bad. Stick through the first 50 seconds, and you’ll hear why I thought so, around 00:58. Of course, people actually saying Fate instead of Feito(-chan!) feels weird to me, it’s rather good for a dub.

And here’s an abrupt ending to this post, because I’ve said everything I thought of in response to the review and my personal opinion of the dub. XD

RightStuf is made of awesome

14 12 2008

I’m just going, “HOLY FUCK!” after seeing the prices in the Bargain Bin.

For example, Mai HiMe DVDs. I posted about the Christmas special on the DVDs last year, but this year just blows it out of the water at around USD$3 per DVD.

Of course, these prices mean that most are sold out, but damn. It’s seriously cheap.

I continue to bemoan the lack of a credit card.

Random Stuff : Danny Choo in ST’s Urban

28 11 2008

What the title says. I’m unsure whether it’s been posted on Danny‘s own website, so no links.

My scanner is also spoiled, so no scans either. D:

But basically, it’s just a short description of Danny(and a mention of his father, Jimmy Choo), and the contents of his SGD$30 bag from Germany. There’s the Kagami figurine(figma, I think), Mac laptop, Animax notebook, namecard holder, Casio Win phone, Videocamera, Wallet and a Anime clock(featuring some girl from Clannad). I have the Hayate(from Nanoha) version myself.

After reading the section, I thought it gave off a pretty good impression of Danny and otakus in general.
Although, Danny Choo is probably the only person who dares to bring his figma out everywhere LOL, with the high casualty rate.

EDIT: It seems as if my detection of vaguely insulting sentences has hit another all time low. A.K.X.D posted up about this ST article too and well, just read his deconstruction of the article.

AFA08 – Pre-registration Started

17 10 2008

I’ve already registered, have you?

I wonder about booking multiple tickets though… I thought it would be like normal ticket buying on sites like Sistic where you just choose the number of tickets you want to buy and pay for them all in one go.

I’m also probably getting VIP seating, once the VIP seating registration opens, and if hordes of otakus here aren’t already snapping them up. ^.^

Oh and Macross-heads! DarkMirage is asking for questions so that he can harassinterview May’N through e-mail. Just send your questions in here!

It seems that details aren’t finalised yet, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. :X

AFA’08 – I’m already there.

16 10 2008

Sorry for leaving such an ugly post on top for so long! ^_^;;;
I’m still on my hiatus, which will end around Nov 15 or so, maybe earlier.

That said, May’N will be at AFA’08, and I will be purchasing a 2 day pass, as soon as it’s available for order. I’m not even a fan of Macross Frontier, but I love Sheryl Nome’s songs, espeially Diamond Crevasse. And besides, this is HISTORY in it’s making, and I’m not about to miss it, even if I’m a just a small herring in Singapore’s animeblogosphere.

If the uncofirmed rumour about another guest seiyuu coming is anything to go by, I do hope that Mizuki Nana makes an appearance. I’d go bonkers over that sort of anticipation.

In case the content of my post up till now hasn’t clued you in onto my activity during this “hiatus”, it’s my newfound fanaticism over Mizuki Nana and the Nanoha series, as well as a little gathering of Sheryl Nome’s(May’N) songs even though I don’t watch Macross Frontier, LOL.

Just some info on AFA’08, if you still haven’t heard about it after all these days. It’s being held at Suntec City, Singapore on 22-23 November, and has a whole slew of anime studios, broadcasters and figure manufactures behind it. As well as the local anime blogs supporting it, of course. Those lucky people include One, DarkMirage, Riuva, and a few other new bloggers that I’ve not seen before.(More due to my inactivity than their lack of publicity, though.)

I’m a little confused as to ticket ordering though, I hope it isn’t done like what EOY did. But there’s still more than a month to go so I will sit through my exams like a well-behaving little otaku until AFA comes around.

Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st

29 07 2008

Holy f–king shit. Nanoha Movie. This Winter. Holy f–king shit.

The movie is apparently a alternate/parellel retelling of the first season, but with an updated look. Raising Heart has become much more GAR, but I’m not feeling Bardiche. Personally, I think the angular shape from before was much better.

And hell no to Genderbending Bardiche. Kevin J England with [Yes, Sir] is awesome, messing with him is just plain stupid.

But Nanoha’s Barrier Jacket design is more like the StrikerS barrier jacket, especially the arms. And Feito-chan is back to the Sad!Fate loli-pedo attracting Barrier Jacket, which is the best thing, LOL.

I would have preferred a Fourth season with more Hayate, or maybe an OVA of the A’s epilogue though… And none of the Clannad moe eyes would have been great. I hated those.
A good thing about being a parallel storyline is that if it sucks, we can all just push it to the very back of our minds and happily go on proclaiming NanoFate 4eva!

Ah well. When life gives you more Nanoha screentime, just WATCH IT!

Source: 2chan/Animesuki repost

Maria-sama ga Miteru DVD

4 07 2008

I posted about Right Stuf having licensed it a while back in the Crunchyroll post, but is anybody actually pre-ordering it?

If so, are there any alternative websites that also offer it under pre-order and which is payable by Paypal?

I’ve tried Deepdiscounts, Amazon, and Rightstuf but they don’t accept Paypal.

I’ve also looked at eBay, but when the shipping price is around 70% of the asking price, it’s just crazy.

And people wonder I have to torrent…

Crunchyroll – No longer safe?

21 03 2008

After the Odex fiasco, most people have stopped downloading and instead turned to video websites like Youtube, Veoh and Crunchyroll for their anime fix.

Crunchyroll has been in recent news, for its $4M received in private corporate funding as well as talk of a possible tie-up with Gonzo Inc.

People have also been lamenting that since news of Gonzo affiliation, Crunchyroll has been removing licensed media like Bleach – Rather hypocritical in the first place – and Maria-sama ga Miteru.(Yes, it’s been licensed by Right Stuf and available for pre-ordering)

I don’t mind that.

Now, what I’m more worried about is this News announcement on the CR website.

but it requires a little work on your side by installing a new Bittorrent client (its pretty easy and i know many of you already use it). cuz its p2p, it should be faster for you guys to stream and it will cut back on the bandwidth cost a lot!

Am I the only one thinking that it could be a program that tracks down what the users watches? And it being a p2p client, people could technically be counted as downloading the anime episodes and be prosecuted under those charges by any anime companies that decides to go after Crunchyroll?

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SOY : Start of Year 2008 Cosplay Event

26 01 2008

First anime event of the year kicked off well. 😀

The Ngee Ann students really did a great job with publicising and dealing with the venue(it was changed at the last minute). In fact, I think this event did much better than the official Joint Admission Exercise(JAE) since as I was walking in most people were looking for directions to SOY rather than JAE lol.

The format of the show(Single and Group) went as such; one singer, then solo cosplaying with Q and A session after posing for cameras.

Questions weren’t very unique though. One in particular was “What would you do if you came across a Neko on the street while going home?”. Even though contestants chose bits of papers randomly, that question kept coming up.

Answers like “MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN” amused the crowd terribly though. 😀

Cosplayers come first, then my ramblings.

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