ANN Review of R1 Nanoha boxset

16 12 2008

ANN reviewed the MGLN R1 release here. Fans of the show will probably go “OMG RAGE RAGE RAGE” while non-fans will probably go “OMG What kind of sick crap is this show?!”.

The discussion thread arising from this article was pretty much the funniest part of the entire thing. Lots of arguing and whatnot, but it effectively got ended by this user review, and BAM, not two pages later, Zac(not Efron) locks it. XD

Personally I thought the reviewer for ANN was overly harsh in this supposedly impartial review for the Nanoha boxset.

Add to that his skin-crawling lolicon fan-service—which includes a brutal whipping in which eight-year-old Fate’s clothes are flayed from her body as she hangs trussed from a rope—and the series is pretty grim going.

That’s just sick, I mean, who the hell goes “YAY FATE ABUSE FOR MY S&M JOLLIES FAP FAP FAP FAP”? Everyone whom I know has watched Nanoha(and I know of quite a lot of them) have all thought Precia was a right bitch and couldn’t wait for her to be killed. I sure did.

And I’m pretty sure none of them thought of the scene as mere fan-service, but more of a scene which furthers the plot and gives viewers more insight into what exactly Fate’s motivations for collecting the Jewel Seeds are.

This is also pretty much the only scene that has such child abuse in the series, so I don’t get how the going is grim either. Of course, episodes 10 to 12 are pretty harsh, but not on that level. Not to mention the transformations, which I skip over every time too.

I also saw a clip(spoilers for Ep 12) kindly uploaded by Fate’s English VA(Jennifer Alyx) and thought the voice cast was not that bad. Stick through the first 50 seconds, and you’ll hear why I thought so, around 00:58. Of course, people actually saying Fate instead of Feito(-chan!) feels weird to me, it’s rather good for a dub.

And here’s an abrupt ending to this post, because I’ve said everything I thought of in response to the review and my personal opinion of the dub. XD



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1 01 2009

I don’t get it.

Nanoha franchise isn’t primarily a kids show (unlike how a certain company marketed it here), targeted for kids. I think it’s impossible to separate the fact that Nanoha (at least before StrikerS) had elements of nudity in the representation of a female child, that probably sparked off the discussion against the series itself.

Which probably is saying that we live in an Imperium, on a constant guard against Chaos. (An euphemism of the Western world fighting against “terror.”)

1 01 2009

Why not?

Yes, the Nanoha franchise wasn’t entirely aimed at kids, with such elements of child abuse and what not. Despite that and the elements of nudity(it’s a Mahou Shoujo anime!), the series wasn’t creepy to the point of “skin-crawling lolicon fanservice”. You can always choose to skip over the Henshin scenes(like I did), or just to watch and ignore it. Child-abuse does not equate to fanservice.
That said, if anyone wants to just focus on the loli-nudity issue I can’t stop them from doing so, but I enjoyed all three series in the Nanoha franchise and don’t think I’ve come out the worse for doing so.

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