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27 11 2008

You know, I’ve always been envious of those people who are the real life examples of hard work and luck making you rich, people becoming “Nouveau riche“, or starring in their Cinderella style rags-to-riches sort of story.

But what exactly is this “Nouveau riche” and how is it defined in this current generation?

Nouveau riche (French for “new rich”), or new money, refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a lower socioeconomic rank, and that such wealth has provided the means for the acquisition of goods or luxuries that were previously unobtainable.

This Nouvaeu riche phenomenon has been seen in the CNN article, where quite a few of the people listed were originally from normal middle-class families who worked hard and had great ideas. The list also includes Warren Buffett and William Gates III(better known as Bill Gates nowadays).

Bill Gates was a college dropout, and has a fortune worth more than $57billion. Warren Buffett is nicknamed the “Oracle of Omaha” and many would kill to have a chance to talk him and to gain insights from him. Both men are widely known throughout the world as innovative entrepreneurs, and who got rich from cashing in on their ideas at the right time.

So, I guess I just have to slog it out, and try to think of some new ideas… Writing letters to anime downloaders, maybe? XD




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1 12 2008

You sure make very good jokes. I may support your future stand-up comedy acts in the future. XD

Actually, the very reasons they all got rich was to be at the right place, at the right time. It takes an acumen of sorts to get into business opportunities that nobody (underlying word: nobody) had ever thought of. Think of the need for Facebook: it wasn’t even necessary to begin with. But now, it has attracted businesses to invest on them.

So the moral of the story: you gotta think of absurd ideas. As Einstein purported, “If the idea isn’t absurd enough, then there’s no hope for it.”

4 12 2008

Thanks, but I think you’d be falling all over yourself to get out of the room if I did so lol.

Yeah, but this acumen doesn’t seem to be something that can be trained out.
Nowadays it’s just you putting an idea out there, and hoping enough people will use that idea in order to get profits from all those business wanting to get details of your users.

Either an idea’s too absurd to actually implement, or it’s not absurd enough. :/

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