3 days after AFA

26 11 2008

Just got back home, had an extended weekend trip with friends the next day after AFA.

And AFA08 was AWESOME, for a lack of any other word.

And a note before this goes on. There will be excessive use of the word AWESOME with regards to the May’N concert, very little pictures(actually, none at all) and a little ranting about improvements that could be made for the next AFA09.

The first day was pretty boring. I found the pre-registration to be a joke since the ticketing staff just sold the tickets and didn’t ask for the pre-register codes at all. Plus, the queue was humongously long even for the pre-reg crowd around 9-10, and the ticketing booth was basically empty around noon. Should have gone later, since there wasn’t really much stuff for me to buy. As usual, KKnM had a long queue snaking past the Sky Crawler booth to the M.A.G.E shop booth, if I remember the booth positionings correctly.

It was pretty boring on the first day, actually, since I didn’t have much interest in anything other than the doujin booths and the concerts.

The cosplayers worth noticing were the light-up Gundam Exia, the Code Geass cosplayers(Lelouch+C.C), and a  few random Naruto, Haruhi, Sailor Moon cosplayers.

The Bad.

  1. Booths like for DigiPen didn’t really have anything to showcase/sell. So much for creative works.
  2. The figurines on display weren’t being sold, except for the Chun Li pre-order, so it just ups the envy factor of otakus who didn’t manage to get their figures.
  3. Nobody cared about 5-second Man.
  4. Anime booths were boring and pointless. Except maybe the Code Gay-ass(Pronouncing it Geese is LOL to me). If you want to showcase your anime, at least use your DVDs so that we don’t have to put up with the huge pixels and choppy animation on those HD TV screens, and actually play the episodes and not AMVs.
  5. Shonen Jump “Tour” was even more pointless than the anime booths. It was just one fanart + one comic panel for each of the usual Big Three(Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) and quite a few Dragonball Z comic panels scattered around. The only good thing was the exclusive(I think) Bleach and Naruto manga sets with special casing that was sold there. Too bad I already bought my copies of Bleach last year.
  6. Extremely bad sound system. The bass was so overpowering, especially during Ichirou Mizuki’s performances, that I was wondering why the booths didn’t already collapse. For QUIS band who opened May’N’s concert, the instruments drowned out the singer, but their cover of Alones and The World were good. And for May’N herself, it was AWESOME, even though the system couldn’t stand up to her vibrato/high notes.
  7. Lack of seats, but I think that’s just me since conventions are supposed to make you stand up for 12 hours straight, no?
  8. Lack of enforcement for the “No taking photographs/video for May’N concert” rule. I found three videos of her performance on Youtube. But on the flipside I think the random retards are to be blamed. Don’t you ever wonder why you don’t ever see otakus at the Japan concerts holding up their videocams/cameras and blocking people’s views?
  9. The view at the back near IFS booth was much better than squeezing in the middle of the crowd LOL.

The second day was much better. Cosplay Mania made up for it(even though I went shopping at KKnM after the Ultraman perfomance), and Ichirou Mizuki performing after it was awesome.

And May’N’s concert was just priceless like I said in my earlier “bad” points LOL. Just AWESOME(I lack vocabulary) and the crowd was pretty great when they shouted MOTTEKE and TONDEKE. I was on a high during and after the concert. And May’N’s cuteness did not help. I was almost chanting “MAY-II-EN!” on the way home too. Also, I think the VIP crowd in front gave May’N a really good impression of the otaku crowd in Singapore.

The Good

  1. Nanoha posters/doujins on sale and Figma Nanoha/Fate.
  2. Lots and lots of Gundam, where the larger than life-sized Exia model was a eye-catcher for those who walked in.
  3. The figurine display was good especially for stuff like the Figma line, nendoroids, and random sculpts of American comicbook heroes like Batman.
  4. White autograph board? Dude, at least she CAME OUT OF JAPAN. And for this being the first time Singapore has actually had a proper convention with such an insane guest list, I’m not going to be all pissed about not getting my items signed and I’d just be happy with the the white board alone.(Not to mention her shaking “filthy” otaku hands LOL.) 😀
  5. Ichirou Mizuki was great LIVE even with the bad sound system.(Yes, I cannot stop reiterating lousy sound system.)
  6. May’N wonderful. LIVE > CDs anytime.
  7. For just $8 bucks for two days, this was a really great event to go to.

Irregardless of the bad points that I listed, AFA08 was a wonderful event. Definitely. And I’d probably be saving up to buy the VIP passes next year. XD
Here’s to hoping that AFA09 will be held! (WITH MIZUKI NANA PLZ! XD)

For pictures, The Banzai Effect has quite a few cosplayer pictures, and I’m sure sgCafe has a lot of pictures too.
For more coverage of the event itself(with some pictures of May’N), try DarkMirage, FuruAnimePanikku and AnimeShrine. Naka-Dashi also has some great detailing of the May’N concert.



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