AFA08 tomorrow!

21 11 2008

I’m getting pumped up to buy loads of stuff, even though I’m sure I will be much deeper in debt after the first day LOL. Looking forward to collect my art loot from CDS. 😀

So, sadly, the other rumoured guest turned out to be the Aniki of the ani-song world, Mizuki Ichirou. The wrong Mizuki, I guess.
But it’s not too bad. Mizuki Ichirou is pretty much the biggest name anison singer that can be found, not to mention the fact that he’s the creator of JAM Project. His past concerts at US events like Otakon have always done well too.

I seem to be unable to write anything more than 200 words these few months. :/

So this is all, until AFA comes and I actually have some concrete material to work on. 😉




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