AFA08 – Pre-registration Started

17 10 2008

I’ve already registered, have you?

I wonder about booking multiple tickets though… I thought it would be like normal ticket buying on sites like Sistic where you just choose the number of tickets you want to buy and pay for them all in one go.

I’m also probably getting VIP seating, once the VIP seating registration opens, and if hordes of otakus here aren’t already snapping them up. ^.^

Oh and Macross-heads! DarkMirage is asking for questions so that he can harassinterview May’N through e-mail. Just send your questions in here!

It seems that details aren’t finalised yet, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. :X

AFA’08 – I’m already there.

16 10 2008

Sorry for leaving such an ugly post on top for so long! ^_^;;;
I’m still on my hiatus, which will end around Nov 15 or so, maybe earlier.

That said, May’N will be at AFA’08, and I will be purchasing a 2 day pass, as soon as it’s available for order. I’m not even a fan of Macross Frontier, but I love Sheryl Nome’s songs, espeially Diamond Crevasse. And besides, this is HISTORY in it’s making, and I’m not about to miss it, even if I’m a just a small herring in Singapore’s animeblogosphere.

If the uncofirmed rumour about another guest seiyuu coming is anything to go by, I do hope that Mizuki Nana makes an appearance. I’d go bonkers over that sort of anticipation.

In case the content of my post up till now hasn’t clued you in onto my activity during this “hiatus”, it’s my newfound fanaticism over Mizuki Nana and the Nanoha series, as well as a little gathering of Sheryl Nome’s(May’N) songs even though I don’t watch Macross Frontier, LOL.

Just some info on AFA’08, if you still haven’t heard about it after all these days. It’s being held at Suntec City, Singapore on 22-23 November, and has a whole slew of anime studios, broadcasters and figure manufactures behind it. As well as the local anime blogs supporting it, of course. Those lucky people include One, DarkMirage, Riuva, and a few other new bloggers that I’ve not seen before.(More due to my inactivity than their lack of publicity, though.)

I’m a little confused as to ticket ordering though, I hope it isn’t done like what EOY did. But there’s still more than a month to go so I will sit through my exams like a well-behaving little otaku until AFA comes around.