[e2046] Signum Unison Figure

9 09 2008

Just got to know of e2046 after George left a post on my ‘About’ page, which I must say makes me quite regretful not to have known of it earlier. The figures are pretty cheap, but I think that’s because everything needs to be assembled?

Anyway, they have a Unision Unison Signum up for pre-order. You know, the version which appeared in the last episode of StrikerS and epicly owned 50 robot grunts in ONE attack.

I will be pre-ordering it once it’s confirmed that the figure will not require assembly. (I am a dumbass with anything that needs assembly, that’s why I have not touched Gunpla.)



2 responses

7 12 2008

I hope she doesn’t need assembly,because shes a definite get,I love this unison form more then anything.
it doesn’t show pictures of all the parts so maybe it doesnt need to be assembled?

7 12 2008

Sad to say, she does require assembling and painting, and comes with no instruction manuals on how to do so. T_T

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