Viagogo 6 Nations Tickets and More

26 09 2008

Viagogo is a UK based ticket hub selling all sorts of tickets to events spanning from music by Kanye West to sports like cricket. It actually works somewhat like eBay, as a portal for matching people to buy and sell tickets to any events, thus allowing for more variety. Or it could also be described to be like a movie theatre’s website, where you’re able to choose the type of seats you want, except for the time needed for the delivery of the ticket. (All tickets are able to be tracked online through viagogo, and there is live customer support seven days a week in case of any problems with ticket delivery.)

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[e2046] Signum Unison Figure

9 09 2008

Just got to know of e2046 after George left a post on my ‘About’ page, which I must say makes me quite regretful not to have known of it earlier. The figures are pretty cheap, but I think that’s because everything needs to be assembled?

Anyway, they have a Unision Unison Signum up for pre-order. You know, the version which appeared in the last episode of StrikerS and epicly owned 50 robot grunts in ONE attack.

I will be pre-ordering it once it’s confirmed that the figure will not require assembly. (I am a dumbass with anything that needs assembly, that’s why I have not touched Gunpla.)