[Alter] Signum figurine

27 07 2008

Scheduled for a December 2008 releases, this is something I’d definitely tap.

Mmmm.. Signum

Mmmm.. Signum

This is the Alter figurine release for Signum, Leader of the Wolkenritter in the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series.
The sculpt looks good, especially the face and details of the barrier jacket, but the pose is a little weird, sort of hanging in mid-air. But it’s still Signum, and probably the only figurine you’ll get of her.

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Being a Signum fan, I went : Holy F–k, they actually did a Signum figurine?!?! My dream has come true!!

However, the price is a whopping 9240 yen, or about $116USD. My face utterly fell at checking the exchange rate. Sorry, but that’s just… T_T
I can’t rob the bank, dammit!

I’ll just wait to see if the price drops, and I think I have to preorder it before end-August or it’ll definitely be snapped up like the Fate figma.

Arghhh, the evils of money!!



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3 09 2008

I stopped myself from ordering this. Going for Scaled Figurines of Nanoha 3 Main Chars, as for Figmas, if they do make a family, I’ll get all of em. Lol. Hayate Figma is coming out soon, I have news =D

3 09 2008

I didn’t order it either. I just don’t have that much money to spare, even if it is Signum.
I might be going for Figma Fate if the price is lower than $60.

I know about the Figma Hayate, saw the moulds, but I’m not very interested. :X

28 11 2008


Signum’s way too hot.

Wanted to buy, but sob… ex

28 11 2008

She’s pretty much the hottest character from Nanoha after Fate. XD

Yep, The lack of poseability in proportion to the price is way too much difference. D:

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