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17 07 2008

I stumbled upon this neat website called, which is for customer feedback, which can really help one company *coughodexcough* that comes immediately to mind when someone speaks of Customer relationship management.

As the name shows, it’s for people to write down their suggestions for companies/products/events and other such things that can be improved upon through feedback. The website serves as a middleman, by passing on the suggestion to the company or people in charge, but you have to have the company’s e-mail address before you can suggest your ideas. There is also a limit of just 140 characters for each suggestion, which is not an easy task if you have quite a lot to say to the company. The website also allows for anonymous suggesting.

Since this is a beta stage, I’m looking forward to more features like actually seeing proof of suggestions being implemented. As it stands, any implemented suggestions are just marked with a green tick and not really supported with concrete proof like press releases or replies from the companies. I would also like to see all suggestions being listed fully out on the page instead of just a tally of the amount of suggestions a company currently has.

For more on Customer relationship marketing that is actually interactive and allows your suggestion to be heard instead of being lost in Customer Service, just head over to SuggestionBox and suggest to your heart’s content.

Ps. Odex’s box.




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18 07 2008

Thanks for the great review! Just to clarify a couple of things:

You don’t need to have the company’s email address before submitting a new suggestion, it just speeds up the process of SuggestionBox getting it to the right person/department.

The companies that are actively using it display the actual suggestions, the ones that have suggestions but have not claimed their suggestion box only show the number. Take a look at Addison Avenue’s suggestion box for an example of how things work.

Lots of the times the company just responds directly to the Suggester, it all depends on how they choose to manage the interaction.

18 07 2008

All I can say is wow with the speed of customer service.

Your comment came within a day of posting this review up, and an e-mail I just fired off about the site going down was replied by Jeff Whitton(Founder of 5 minutes later.

However, what if the company never claims their box at all? Will the box be left to stagnate with accumulated suggestions or deleted?

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