Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st

29 07 2008

Holy f–king shit. Nanoha Movie. This Winter. Holy f–king shit.

The movie is apparently a alternate/parellel retelling of the first season, but with an updated look. Raising Heart has become much more GAR, but I’m not feeling Bardiche. Personally, I think the angular shape from before was much better.

And hell no to Genderbending Bardiche. Kevin J England with [Yes, Sir] is awesome, messing with him is just plain stupid.

But Nanoha’s Barrier Jacket design is more like the StrikerS barrier jacket, especially the arms. And Feito-chan is back to the Sad!Fate loli-pedo attracting Barrier Jacket, which is the best thing, LOL.

I would have preferred a Fourth season with more Hayate, or maybe an OVA of the A’s epilogue though… And none of the Clannad moe eyes would have been great. I hated those.
A good thing about being a parallel storyline is that if it sucks, we can all just push it to the very back of our minds and happily go on proclaiming NanoFate 4eva!

Ah well. When life gives you more Nanoha screentime, just WATCH IT!

Source: 2chan/Animesuki repost

[Alter] Signum figurine

27 07 2008

Scheduled for a December 2008 releases, this is something I’d definitely tap.

Mmmm.. Signum

Mmmm.. Signum

This is the Alter figurine release for Signum, Leader of the Wolkenritter in the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series.
The sculpt looks good, especially the face and details of the barrier jacket, but the pose is a little weird, sort of hanging in mid-air. But it’s still Signum, and probably the only figurine you’ll get of her.

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Being a Signum fan, I went : Holy F–k, they actually did a Signum figurine?!?! My dream has come true!!

However, the price is a whopping 9240 yen, or about $116USD. My face utterly fell at checking the exchange rate. Sorry, but that’s just… T_T
I can’t rob the bank, dammit!

I’ll just wait to see if the price drops, and I think I have to preorder it before end-August or it’ll definitely be snapped up like the Fate figma.

Arghhh, the evils of money!!

Bleach Manga Chapter 318 – Five Pillars/Four Pillars

18 07 2008

I seem to like short and easy to write posts now.

Here’s a quick summary of this week’s chapter of the Bleach manga.

/Start Summary/

After the flashback to Soul Society a century ago, we’re back in the present. Ichigo and crew are still in Hueco Mundo trying to get Inoue Orihime back from Ulqiorra, who was left in charge of Hueco Mundo. That was because Aizen and the rest of the villains left for Karakura Town back in Bleach chapter 315 to get the key to dominating the world using the Juureichi(Karakura Town) and the 100, 000 souls.

Instead of starting the fights now, Kubo Tite goes for more Ichigo/Ulqiorra double entendres.(Let’s unsheathe both our swords at the same time!)

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An edit to how it really should have been

There also seems to be an internal power struggle between the Hollows, or Barragan(the old man) is just really paranoid about the other Espada usurping his position. He commands the Hollows to attack the four pillars that are sealing the space and keeping the real Karakura Town in Soul Society.

However, in the last pages, the minor characters get their chance to shine. Hisagi Shuuhei, Izuru Kira, Madarame Ikkaku and Yumichika Ayasegawa are the ones protecting the pillars that keep Karakura Town in Soul Society and shred the Hollows to pieces.

/End Summary/

I find the Bleach art to be deteriorating with ever since the Arrancar arc started. From rather sharp, hard angles to Ichigo’s face, it’s turned into some kind of oval shape, like his face has actually elongated. Perhaps it’s to show that Ichigo is growing up, but I think the older design looked much better and had more KU-RU! to it.

Before and After

(Right Click and View Picture)

In any case, I will still be reading the new chapters, if only for Yoruichi.

SuggestionBox – Customer Feedback

17 07 2008

I stumbled upon this neat website called, which is for customer feedback, which can really help one company *coughodexcough* that comes immediately to mind when someone speaks of Customer relationship management.

As the name shows, it’s for people to write down their suggestions for companies/products/events and other such things that can be improved upon through feedback. The website serves as a middleman, by passing on the suggestion to the company or people in charge, but you have to have the company’s e-mail address before you can suggest your ideas. There is also a limit of just 140 characters for each suggestion, which is not an easy task if you have quite a lot to say to the company. The website also allows for anonymous suggesting.

Since this is a beta stage, I’m looking forward to more features like actually seeing proof of suggestions being implemented. As it stands, any implemented suggestions are just marked with a green tick and not really supported with concrete proof like press releases or replies from the companies. I would also like to see all suggestions being listed fully out on the page instead of just a tally of the amount of suggestions a company currently has.

For more on Customer relationship marketing that is actually interactive and allows your suggestion to be heard instead of being lost in Customer Service, just head over to SuggestionBox and suggest to your heart’s content.

Ps. Odex’s box.

Maria-sama ga Miteru DVD

4 07 2008

I posted about Right Stuf having licensed it a while back in the Crunchyroll post, but is anybody actually pre-ordering it?

If so, are there any alternative websites that also offer it under pre-order and which is payable by Paypal?

I’ve tried Deepdiscounts, Amazon, and Rightstuf but they don’t accept Paypal.

I’ve also looked at eBay, but when the shipping price is around 70% of the asking price, it’s just crazy.

And people wonder I have to torrent…