UK Prepaid Credit Cards

26 06 2008

What Prepaid Card is a website for comparing prepaid cards, based in the UK and Europe. However, even though it says UK, the website can help not just the British, but also everyone else as the prepaid card reviews are quite general in their recommendations with regards to location.

I find the website to be very in-depth in listing the pros and cons of the various credit cards, which includes the MasterCard Gold Cashplus Card. Prepaid Cards are widely accepted around the internet, including big hitters like eBay and Paypal. Even if you don’t have a credit card, and wish to use your Paypal past the limit of $1000, you can register using a prepaid card. Doing so lowers the risk of having your identity stolen, which is become more and more common these days.

In addition to Prepaid Card Review, there’s also the  online prepaid cost calculator, which narrows down the list of prepaid cards that you could apply for, based on criteria like age of the credit card holder and online payment for the card.

I was personally contemplating getting the CardOne Prepaid Mastercard, since it allows me to withdraw Paypal funds into a brand new bank account that comes with the card, but it’s UK only.

Guess I just have to toddle down to the local bank, or just spend all the Paypal cash on Marimite…




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25 07 2008
John Reddington

Thanks for the info! This is great.

I just got a tesco prepaid travel card and got over $2 to the £1 Fantastic!

There are a few cards available here:

Prepaid Travel Cards

27 07 2008

Glad it helped you. 😀

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