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20 06 2008

If there is still anyone visiting this blog, you have my sincere apologies for leaving it in the dust with a paid post as the very first post you see.

I have been busy with RLstudying, along with having a forced lack of internet.

I’ve also been wondering what to do with this blog. It was originally set up to protest against Odex(sort of) and to serve as a dumping ground for all my ramblings about anime. Well, the thing right now is, Odex has just fallen out of the limelight – no website, no newspaper interviews, no nothing. Due to the above reason, I haven’t been watching anime either.

But I have been shooting up ruskies and defending my hoods from those lousy mother-ers wit mah homies.
In case you didn’t get that, I’ve been playing GTA:San Andreas in anticipation of when I’m going to get GTA4.

Totally went off on a tangent there…

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of turning this blog into something semi-personal and not just anime/Odex. This is ’cause of the fact that I can’t write as well as I would like to. In my opinion, a good writer should be able to change people’s minds with just one well written essay, or at least sway their opinion of a certain subject.

I don’t think I do that, I just ramble on and on and write any points that I happen to jump to when rereading posts.

This, is what usually happens when I try to write a new post that doesn’t involve fanboying or Odex. orz.

In any case, thanks for reading this post. I’ll be trying to work on my writing, as well as become more active in posting… stuff.





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18 07 2008

I think your website is interesting.^^
Nevermind about Odex since they’ve gone into oblivion.

Moar updates.=D

18 07 2008

Thanks for the comment. 😀
I’ve scrapped the post explaining RL as the situation has changed, but I’m working on a post for the first Strawberry Panic! Light Novel.

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