Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 214

14 06 2008

I actually have another post addressing my absence in the draft phase, if anybody cares but this is even better.

I’ve finally had the time to catch up on the last four chapters or so, and the manga is finally being in MQ(for the usual Negima raw, mangaddict scanlations are actually HQ, I think).

Epic fanboying under the cut.

It’s just OMGWTFBBQHOYAY! material which I’m just totally going bonkers over. Fist pumping, CHECK. Squealing, CHECK. Setsuna(and Kaede) in a godawesome business suit, CHECK.

MSN Chp 214

Secchan in tinted sunglasses, DIES HAPPY.

It’s like a thousand times better than Fate/Zero Suit Saber.

And that’s not all, there’s more flashbacking and Asuna shows off her tsundere side after having being denied access to Negi for so long.

Ken Akamatsu is GOD.




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16 06 2008

Hey, I wanna read that post explaining your absence. I’m liking real life posts more than anime related stuff! =X

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