Conference and Interactive Audience Response Systems

16 05 2008

So, I was reading a few back issues of the Business Times, and I was just thinking about the fact that many SMEs(Small Medium Enterprises) require lots of conferences round the world and audience response.
This is because some SMEs source from a lot of different areas and require communication and interaction to actually be able to get their job done.
This even applies to the United States Presidential elections, where the audience have to be polled after the… well, polls.

Makes you wonder at the amount of impatience in the halls, no?

I was looking up more on conference methods, like what SMEs use and stuff and found a few interesting software.

Well first, there’s Skype. It’s pretty much the poster boy for all conferencing and internet telephony services and fan-favourite among most otakus who actually talk to each other.

And then there’s this nifty service provider called The Extreme Group, which provides an Audience Response System. It’s tagged as a company which designs an engaging audience response strategy that will produce results with real value.
They count Microsoft and Apple Computer as part of their huge client base.
They’ve also provided their services for one of the Presidential Debates, which shows you that everyone needs Interactive Audience Response where people tell you what they want, and how they want it. Something Odex should learn from LOL.

I can just imagine that lol, otakus in a theatre at Sinema old school where an episode of Shakugan no Shan
a has just aired, pressing in their feedback through interactive keypads provided by The Extreme Group, that tells Odex whether they suck or not.

Even Creative has weighed in, with their new inPerson conferencing system.

That’s all I could find though, and I think the Extreme Group system is probably the best and well connected, if you count their clientèle and ‘realness’.