The bacteria of Moyashimon are invading!

21 03 2008

My brain, that is.

331397985_7e023acc8e.jpg Aspergillus Oryzae

This is about the anime, Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture.

I honestly wasn’t enamoured with the selection of shows from the new season, so I thought, “Why not try an short and older(relatively) anime?”

I had expected to be overwhelmed with new information about biology and bacteria.

But that’s where the anime excels, as the characters are easy on the eyes so it’s easy to deal with the mostly unknown terms which people like me – who have no clues on the Japanese culture – find hard to understand.

This is Tadayasu Souemon Sawaki.


He comes from a family which company supplies “yeast starters”, and is attending Agricultural University in Tokyo along with his best friend Yuuki Kei. Incidentally, he can also see bacteria in forms very different from what you can see from a microscope.

At the university they find a eccentric professor(Itsuki Keizo), whom Sawaki was tasked to find by his Grandfather, and a dominatrix science postgrad(Hasegawa Haruka) as well as two idiots.

More people are introduced as more bacteria are introduced through the sake making hijinks and basically ‘holiday’ life in University.

The focus of the anime is on the characters more than the school-going, and the bacteria seem like cute side effects especially in the last few episodes of the show. Not a lot of researching or introducing of new bacteria but bonds are strengthened.(read: Yuri and Traps)

Therefore, it’s more of a “Day in the Live Of…” type of anime than anything, but vastly more interesting than what Naruto and Bleach are putting out right now.


Characters : 9/10

It’s more of a problem with the short season than anything, really. There wasn’t proper closure to the physical relationship between Aoi and Hazuki after episode 8, though I like to think that Aoi hasn’t given up on Hazuki.

The issue of Trap!Kei is also pushed aside to the series with Sawaki being mostly happy about his life.

Haruka gets a 10/10 by virtue of outfit and personality.

Music : 7/10

Opening Song: Curriculum” (カリキュラム Kurikyuramu?) by Sarasa Ifu

Ending Song : Rocket by POLYSICS

I’ve got nothing to say about Curriculum other than it’s an average song, but Rocket is a kiddy sounding song that brings to my mind the Pokemon songs. However, this is Polysics, so the cool factor is greatly enhanced. It’s also a great song to be just weirding out people in general.

Plot : 7/10

Plot, what plot? It’s a mini-series that hasn’t had enough episodes to expand on from the original manga. In the grand scheme, the anime didn’t deal enough with the bacteria after the second half.

Animation : 9/10

Very well done, and even I couldn’t find any major fault with the art.

Voice Actors : 10/10

  • Tadayasu Souemon Sawaki (沢木 惣右衛門 直保 Sawaki Souemon Tadayasu?) Voiced by: Daisuke Sakaguchi
  • Kei Yūki (結城 蛍 Yūki Kei?) Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga

[She voiced Chie Hallard in Mai Otome and usually characters in the alto range for females, so it’s kind of fitting for her to be the role of Kei. Also voiced two .hack series characters, Cashmere(Roots) and Tsukasa(Sign)]

(Voiced .hack characters Lios and Tartarga)

  • Haruka Hasegawa (長谷川 遥 Hasegawa Haruka?) Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara

[Voiced Ezra(Vandread), Kaede(.Hack//GU), Yuko Ichihara(xxxHolic)]

  • Hazuki Oikawa (及川 葉月 Oikawa Hazuki?) Voiced by: Akemi Kanda

(Asuna from both Negima series, therefore made of awesome.)

(Also instant win, as she voiced Nodoka for the Negima series as well as Yukino from the Mai series. Eargasm in episode 8.)

(Poor Ayanokoji-ouji-sama, Kamina, Soubi and Haji. :()

(This is even worse… Uryu Ishida, Shirou Emiya and Sasuke Uchiha. Oh god, why?)

Although, that just makes the seiyuu score even better as I utterly couldn’t tell that it was Noriaki-san and Konishi-san that was voicing. Heck, I didn’t even recognise the seiyuu at all for the Moyashimon characters.

Overall Score : 8.5/10
Too bad it just got 11 episodes, or it could have been much better. Still, I do encourage to try out this series since its not going to be licensed any time soon.



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