Crunchyroll – No longer safe?

21 03 2008

After the Odex fiasco, most people have stopped downloading and instead turned to video websites like Youtube, Veoh and Crunchyroll for their anime fix.

Crunchyroll has been in recent news, for its $4M received in private corporate funding as well as talk of a possible tie-up with Gonzo Inc.

People have also been lamenting that since news of Gonzo affiliation, Crunchyroll has been removing licensed media like Bleach – Rather hypocritical in the first place – and Maria-sama ga Miteru.(Yes, it’s been licensed by Right Stuf and available for pre-ordering)

I don’t mind that.

Now, what I’m more worried about is this News announcement on the CR website.

but it requires a little work on your side by installing a new Bittorrent client (its pretty easy and i know many of you already use it). cuz its p2p, it should be faster for you guys to stream and it will cut back on the bandwidth cost a lot!

Am I the only one thinking that it could be a program that tracks down what the users watches? And it being a p2p client, people could technically be counted as downloading the anime episodes and be prosecuted under those charges by any anime companies that decides to go after Crunchyroll?

EDIT: The tie-up has gone through, with Gonzo to be airing new anime on the same day on Crunchyroll. So much for a same day D.Grayman telecast. ๐Ÿ˜›

The Japanese media company GDH has announced that the YouTube, CrunchyRoll, and BOST online video services will be streaming new titles from GDH’s Gonzo animation studio โ€” worldwide and on the same day as their Japanese broadcast. The video streams, which will be in Japanese with English subtitles, will start with The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk (pictured at right) and Blassreiter anime series. Druaga premieres on April 4, and Blassreiter premieres on April 5.

I’ve been looking forward to The Tower of Druaga. ๐Ÿ˜€

And Blassreiter seems really good, but Gonzo has a track record of screwing up at the last two episodes…

Now, if Mai Otome O~S.ifr came streamed I’d go even more bonkers over Sunrise.




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21 03 2008

I have also commented on the same issue on my blog, so feel free to check it out.

The important point to look out here is: will the said shows be made available for free for viewing? I know that Gonzo has prepared to set up ” a fee for high-quality video,” but does that means that on standard/low-quality video, it’s free?

Something’s gotta give.

22 03 2008
Keith Shepard

You also might want to read this:

Crunchyroll Announces Content Partnership Program

Crunchyroll Forges Partnerships with Akibanana, DLE, G.D.H., and GTChannel to Deliver Streaming Content to Crunchyroll Community

You can bet they’ll begin pulling fan-subs and licensed anime off AND, for marketing purposes, begin tracking users.

22 03 2008
Keith Shepard

BTW … because they have received all the Venture Capital (VC) money, they’ll have to begin pulling a lot of their content. As part of the agreement with the VC, they probably don’t want to expose their new funding partners to lawsuits … which will happen if Crunchroll doesn’t shape up.

22 03 2008

@TP : Yours is about 10 times better than this ‘typed-out-in-ten-minutes’ quickie. But the main point of this is Crunchyroll not being 100% safe for use.
I guess it’s going to be low quality/free for normal members, and Star members who have donated will be screwed.

They have to have some way to make money off the Crunchyrollers…

@Keith Shepard : Exactly. With this $4M and some corporates behind them, either lawsuits will be launched or everyone gets into bed together.

27 04 2008

Thanks for the information on Maria-sama ga Miteru. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 06 2008

Victual says : I absolutely agree with this !

19 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Wilily!!!

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