SOY : Start of Year 2008 Cosplay Event

26 01 2008

First anime event of the year kicked off well. šŸ˜€

The Ngee Ann students really did a great job with publicising and dealing with the venue(it was changed at the last minute). In fact, I think this event did much better than the official Joint Admission Exercise(JAE) since as I was walking in most people were looking for directions to SOY rather than JAE lol.

The format of the show(Single and Group) went as such; one singer, then solo cosplaying with Q and A session after posing for cameras.

Questions weren’t very unique though. One in particular was “What would you do if you came across a Neko on the street while going home?”. Even though contestants chose bits of papers randomly, that question kept coming up.

Answers like “MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN” amused the crowd terribly though. šŸ˜€

Cosplayers come first, then my ramblings.


I think it’s Allen Walker. Not sure. Have not watched D.Grayman.

This Haruhi was rather upbeat.

More pictures can be found at SgCafe’s Cosplay Photos and Clips section.


I can’t remember much of the singles(went in late for it also), but the Ryuk cosplay had those huge wings and when he went backstage after his entry he had to go in sideways.

He wins for that.


The singer, I can’t remember I left her out! Thanks for reminding me lol TRM. Didn’t catch her name, but she sang Bouken Deshou Deshou? and when asked for her favourite artist….
You have my respect, lady.

The Itachi/Sasuke battle was great, you could tell that they had rehearsed it well. The costumes were great too. Shippuden!Sasuke was cosplayed so well, especially the hair. When it comes to characters like Sasuke and Kakashi, what matters the most is the styling of the hair.

Online Videos by
Video taken by tigerlily.Yuri and Mr. Karate from King of Fighters joined in, where Yuri showed her dad dances moves from Hare Hare Yukai, Ike Ike and one other song I can’t remember the name of.
Dance, dance, BAM. Dance, dance, BAM. Dance, dance, Dance-along.

There was also an entry by cosplayers of Rozen Maiden. I haven’t watched this anime, so the miming to the sound clip of them fighting was a little confusing. It was good though.
Endless supply of flower petals!

And a omgwtflol moment. Two girls cosplayed characters from Final Fantasy Four, parodying Heroes, ANTM, LOTR and singing some song. Went something like this : *song lyrics* desu na desu desu desu *song lyrics*

Last perfomance was by the Empress and her servant from Trinity Blood. Was very laughter inducing.

Empress : I. already. rule. the. world.

Hehe, that’s all on perfomances.

I think I spied Umehiko at the Collateral Damage Studio booth.





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27 01 2008
Sylon Beta

Ah, it makes me wish I was in Singapore to see that. I must try to turn up for the next event.

5 03 2009

I love more than anything pictures of fans in costumes. There’s nothign cooler than fan loyalty, to the degree of dressing up like a favorite character.

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