SOY : Start of Year 2008 Cosplay Event

26 01 2008

First anime event of the year kicked off well. šŸ˜€

The Ngee Ann students really did a great job with publicising and dealing with the venue(it was changed at the last minute). In fact, I think this event did much better than the official Joint Admission Exercise(JAE) since as I was walking in most people were looking for directions to SOY rather than JAE lol.

The format of the show(Single and Group) went as such; one singer, then solo cosplaying with Q and A session after posing for cameras.

Questions weren’t very unique though. One in particular was “What would you do if you came across a Neko on the street while going home?”. Even though contestants chose bits of papers randomly, that question kept coming up.

Answers like “MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN” amused the crowd terribly though. šŸ˜€

Cosplayers come first, then my ramblings.

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