It’s definitely a merry christmas!

25 12 2007


Sadly, I won’t be dressing up as Santa Claus, but I’ll be in a country which snows at year end. 😀

After the recent spate of posts the blog will relapse into it’s unused state.

The blog will be on another minor hiatus while I go off to relax and thumb my hand-held consoles non-stop. xD

I also didn’t plan on getting a DS Lite, or a PSP, but I got both(or rather, my siblings did). Therefore, I’ve been occupied with Bleach : Blade of Fate(which is made of WIN and which I’m thinking of making a series of posts on), Armored Core: Formula Front(hard as hell), Cooking Mama, Burnout Legends(hard as hell too).

Heh, so, Merry Christmas to all you readers.

I’ll be back probably when ethenewinter will update Inter Nos, which is to say, after the New Years, so Happy New Year in advance!




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