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23 12 2007

Rant on the fanfictions I see popping up on for Mai Hime and some other stuff. Definitely not necessary reading.

I hate the new fanfics that try to pretend to be all complex and stuff. It just does not work and the story sucks. I can’t even try to read past the first few paragraphs and it makes me sick with all the elitism some authors and forumers have going on. If I wanted to kill my brain I’d be doing more maths and sciences, not watching anime and reading fanfictions.

And jeeze, I really feeling like passing off a snide remark that people don’t review usually because ;

1. They hate the fic.

2. They can’t be bothered.

3. Their internet connection doesn’t last long enough.

While on the other hand, people review because ;

1. They love the fic and they’d like to give encouragement to authors writing the kind of fics they like.

2. They have spare time.

Plus, Shiznat is also the main reason I dislike those fics. The authors try to make the relationship seem unnatural, or even writing it away completely.

NatsukixShizuru is a shojo-ai/yuri pairing. Meaning lesbian. Girl on girl. That’s been made clear in the Hime(somewhat) and Otome series, even if crazy Shizuru gets raped by Tomoe and Natsuki’s -insertitemthatcoversbodyhere- gets removed by Nao/Miyu/Orphan/Someone.

I get that fanfiction is just that, FAN fiction. It lets the fan writing the fiction do whatever they want to the characters. But I still can’t stand the fact that people can try their hand at writing fiction totally screw up the characters and put themselves in the same universe being total Gary Stu/Mary Sue. Obviously this statement is also screwed because it’s from my own point of view and therefore it might not be THE correct point of view.

Still..I don’t like it, and that’s what counts when I choose to put something in front of my eyes.

If anyone tries to argue with me over this, then well, that person will probably win.
But, what the hell, don’t you have anything better to do with your time?



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4 01 2008

Wow, a ShizNat-er disliking all those crummy insta-ShizNat stories? I don’t even like the pairing but I like a good story…and it makes me sad that you can only find one good readable one per page amongst all the other stories…

4 01 2008
DigiGatou isn’t just me though.. Even if the fandom was lacking Shiznat stories, I still wouldn’t like those fics.
But it’s not that bad though, some long running fics are good. (Long runnning = more than 10 chapters)

Why don’t you like the pairing? It’s awesome. ^ ^

4 05 2008
Lone Wolf

LOL, I just made a similar rant on my blog! Yes, most authors do Natsuki and Shizuru an injustice….I totally agree with you.

And trust me, there are plenty of NatShiz fans like myself who will back you with this. I just hope other people will express these similar frustrations as well. 49 pages of crap on the Mai Hime section of FFnet.

–Lone Wolf

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