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21 12 2007

That’s anime for you, but when does one draw the line between casual mainstream observers and the so-called elite anime otakus?

It’s been a long since I actually added a real post on anime to this blog, so I guess why not start by jumping into the pit of bloggers discussing what makes someone a mainstreamer or 1337.

By the way, I don’t mean any offense to anyone reading this, it’s just my personal opinion. Also, this divide cuts people into two majorities and leaves many who probaby don’t do any of what I mention below.

That’s a fallacy which I don’t plan on remedying any time soon, since this post is just what I feel about when having to deal with classified into being mainstream, or non-mainstream with regards to watching preferences.

I like watching anime. I like anime like Bleach and Naruto. I get into anime, and by get into I mean buying both the manga and anime, reading fanfictions(even writing trying to write them), trying my hand at some fanart(which is made of fail), buying gashapons(at $12 each and getting Erstin all the time) and fangirling over everything little thing, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

I know I got it bad for Mai Hime, don’t harp on it, the bug’ll probably be gone in a few more months. >.<

To me, there’s two kinds of mainstream; Anime Mainstream and Public Mainstream.

With Otaku Mainstream, it is made up of people who proclaim Haruhi, Clannad or Key H-games adapted by Kyoto Animation as the new manna of the otakus.

By Public Mainstream, I mean people who howl and watch about Bleach/Naruto/insert longass series here almost exclusively on a level that is on par with 2ch haruhiists.

But, is it so bad that we have such ‘mainstream’ categories? Sure, some people might not want to be classified, but you have already been classified from the moment of your birth, from your gender to your race.
In any case, no amount of name-calling or categorising will stop fans from getting their fix of beloved anime.

For me, I’m always lagging behind on the trends and follow mostly the shojo-ai, shounen and the random anime.

A few of these are: Mai HiMe/Otome/Zwei/0.Cipher, Kannazuki no Miko(I have yet to progress pass the fourth episode), Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Negima, Bleach, Shugo Chara, You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle.

I have no intention of following Clannad. Inter Nos by ethenewinter is the awesome. Baka-Wolf.com is for all your anime needs. I just got Itunes and it rocks. I still want a external hard drive. I frigging heart Savage Garden to bits. I can’t do anything productive!
There is no God, just Exia’s Gundam Meister.

Endnote: If you got confused, just read this line – Who gives a damn?




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22 12 2007

LOL at your comment. isn’t this like an idea from Sol?

well I watch anime series that interest me. I don’t follow those that people follow, for the sake of it, but well, my taste in anime is quite broad, so I guess I don’t really hate any anime >.>

22 12 2007

You, my friend, have realized the absurdity of the categorization of animé fans into “categories” which, at the end of the day, doesn’t really add any real-life meaning to them.

Words like “proliteriat”, “elitism” and the what-not: it’s bull****. At the end of the day, what are you contributing to society?

Acknowledge that everybody don’t dig certain shows because they don’t see the hype. Acknowledge that this is just another hobby: everybody is entitled to their tastes. Acknowledge that not all possess the “l33t” knowledge of the “otaku” realm, from Noizi Itoh to Aria to Yokohama Kodaishi Kikou.

I think this whole debate on “I l33t you n00b” is best illustrated by LianYL.

23 12 2007

@zenical : Yeah, but I was actually planning to write way more than this and fuel the debate but then it occurred to me after around three hours of slogging, why in the world was I doing this for a subject that didn’t really have any passion or logic behind it. You can see when I was diverted, after the otaku mainstream and public mainstream lines.
Waste of my time lol. 😛

@TP : Yeah, I was digging for more material when I got to riuva and saw that. 🙂
Also, I have no idea of the three you mentioned, except that Noizi is some kind of director and aria is some slice of life anime. xD

23 12 2007

Probably out of topic but…

13-episode-ish series ftw~~~!!!

24 12 2007

But..wouldn’t I be for the lose that way?

I just realised that most of the series I watch I at least 26 and most are longer. Ack.

31 12 2007

Noizi Ito is the illustrator behind Haruhi. And probably more, but what can I say, I only know Haruhi. I’m mainstream!

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