ZOMG I met Gail Simone and Kurt Busiek

2 12 2007

Thanks to zer0’s post on the Singapore Writers Festival, I managed to get there in time for the panel on Heroes in Singapore.

and ZOMG, Gail signed a copy of Birds of Prey to me.

and you can’t tell that I edited it, can you?

/fanboy nonstop.

Am too high to post more.




4 responses

2 12 2007

Well, thank YOU for making us feel so welcome!



3 12 2007

lulz seems like you’re also getting in the spotlight.

4 12 2007

I remember you!

It was a pleasure to meet you! Hope to see you again either here or in the states at some point.

Very best wishes and thank you for the kind welcome!


5 12 2007

heh, thanks. šŸ˜€

It was great to see you too, given that I was following BOP(tv series) early in 2002, and then your run on the comics after that. šŸ˜€
Frigging loved that you put the Helena on the team, cause I felt that no BOP team could be complete without the Huntress, Canary or Oracle. (and the fact that I absolute heart Huntress) xD

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