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2 12 2007

Thanks to rexit at vr-zone who first posted it up.

Someone has created an Odex subpage to show his/her discontent at Odex’s action, and to show that paying customers aren’t to be taken lightly.

WeHateThem.com is a place for people to come together and share their opinions on organizations around the world. People who disapprove of organizations post their reasons while others vote on whether the reasons are valid or not. We provide an array of tools for people to share, rate and discuss about organizations around the world.

In my opinion, this is like a better version of the Odexsucks petition page, even if it is in beta.
Show your disapproval of Odex, and tell people of the amount you would have spent on the beloved anime series of your choice if not for Odex’s actions.

Before I give the link to the Odex page, please take note of some essential points.


When you say you disapprove, you can still boycott. But if you boycott first, you can’t disapprove.

When boycotting, please give a realistic amount, that you would really have spent on the Odex VCDs, and after you’ve converted to USD from SGD.
Exaggeration won’t help anyone to gauge the actual loss in profits that Odex would have suffered due to their excessive actions.

We need to bring about our views towards Odex in a more level headed manner than we have been doing, so when commenting try not to pepper the post space with foul language, and don’t vote for the reasons that essentially don’t give you any reason to disapprove of Odex.(etc, the last reason: they’re evil)

It’d also be a bonus if you would put in your real names(just first name could be enough) for all these stuff, because it could be better to show that people aren’t just hiding behind aliases. That’s just my own opinion though, I didn’t put my full name either, I used DigiGatou. 😛

More content would also be appreciated, maybe an inclusion of the many links you use for buying your R1, or even R2 and R3 DVDs.





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18 12 2007
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