Odex-ed Anime in Malaysia

30 12 2007

If you think Odex doesn’t have its feelers in Malaysia, think again.

TECHNOGRAM SDN. BHD only releases Odex’s VCDs and DVDs.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but since Technogram is registered as a Malaysian company, it could do what Odex has done in Singapore, except with Malaysian downloaders.

Additionally, Malaysia has also announced that it will enforce a law legislated more than ten years ago, which will have downloaders(if caught) paying fines of at least RM$250,000.

Some examples of the products here.

It’s the exact same boxset, but at a much lower price, less than half the retail price in local stores.
(USD$7.10 = RM$23.55 = SGD$10.20)

Odex splits all its anime into 2 boxsets when they are longer running with around 26 episodes, with Box 1 containing Episodes 1-12 and Box 2 containing Episodes 13-26.

Each boxset is SGD$29.90, and two of them would make (almost) SGD$60 compared to the Malaysia price of $SGD 20.40.

So it’s definitely much cheaper over the Causeway when you want Odex products, but why would you want them?
Animedia Entertainment, Lambaian Film, Vscape Entertainment and Video Star(all Malaysian companies) all license tons of anime, niche or mainstream.

They might not do a better job(butt ugly yellow font with black outline for animedia), but it’s way cheaper to buy their releases.


Plus, they even release stuff like Lucky Star(Full), Doujin Work(Full), Simoune(Full) and Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito(Full) in complete box sets and don’t split them up to milk more money off consumers.

Hell if I’m ever going to support Odex again. šŸ˜”

But, BOOYEAH for being able to marathon Lucky Star!

EDIT: Nothing is sacred.

All the firms listed above, especially Lambaian Film, should be bootleg sellers. The subtitles are obviously from fansubs, evidence here. That’s to say nothing of the amazing speed the “DVDs” are released with. From Philo’s comment and link on this post, Tower of Druaga has already been released on Sensasian.com since 2 Jul 2008 at a dirt cheap price of USD$8.99. From the price, not to mention the full release in one disc, it’s probably safe to say that it’s a bootleg, ripped directly either from TV or downloads.

It’s definitely a merry christmas!

25 12 2007


Sadly, I won’t be dressing up as Santa Claus, but I’ll be in a country which snows at year end. šŸ˜€

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Mai Hime fanfiction

23 12 2007

Rant on the fanfictions I see popping up on FF.net for Mai Hime and some other stuff. Definitely not necessary reading.

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Christmas Promotion : My-HiME DVD Bargain Bundle(1-7)

23 12 2007

The Mai Hime DVD series is bundled together, all 7 discs, at the extremely low price of USD$69.99 and it’s very much worth the money.


Before coming to the Fuka Academy, all Mai Tokiha wanted was to live an ordinary high school life, but that’s the last thing she’s going to get. It turns out that Mai is a HiME, one of twelve girls with super-natural powers that are gathered at this school to fight the Orphans, demons that dwell around the school. A secret organization has other plans for the HiME than just demon-busting and Mai and the other HiME will have to risk something precious to protect the ones they love.


I would definitely grab it since it’s more than half off and considering that each of the separate discs cost USD$21.99 and there are seven of them. That makes it around $83 saved. Even if you factor in shipping costs, you’d still be saving at least USD$50.

But here’s the clincher, it’s on Rightstuf and as far as I know, RightStuf does not accept Paypal. And my funds are low.
Plus, I have been expressly forbidden to buy anything online. Oh, the horror.

So, give me a Christmas present? Just kidding.

Disclaimer : Bandai or Rightstuf did not pay me anything write this. I wish they had though..the DVD set would have been enough.

Available for public consumption

21 12 2007

That’s anime for you, but when does one draw the line between casual mainstream observers and the so-called elite anime otakus?

It’s been a long since I actually added a real post on anime to this blog, so I guess why not start by jumping into the pit of bloggers discussing what makes someone a mainstreamer or 1337.

By the way, I don’t mean any offense to anyone reading this, it’s just my personal opinion. Also, this divide cuts people into two majorities and leaves many who probaby don’t do any of what I mention below.

That’s a fallacy which I don’t plan on remedying any time soon, since this post is just what I feel about when having to deal with classified into being mainstream, or non-mainstream with regards to watching preferences.

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Quick update

17 12 2007

Sent computer for repairs, can’t get online for a few weeks.

Help me hold the rojak for a while, Sol, I’ll pick it up later when I can arrange a date on msn. >.<

Haruhi manga licensed in Singapore by ChuangYi comics

11 12 2007

This is freaking awesome.

It might not be the original light novels, but Chuangyi is still the first company to have licensed the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu manga version, announced on the Chuangyi forums here(you need membership to view).

It’s going to be out early 2008, under the English translated title ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’.

Image stolen from Akayuki’s blog.

Excuse me while I fangirl more over Chuangyi’s EPIC WIN-ness.

In your face, tokyopop/VIZ/DHM/Del Rey!

And on an entirely unrelated note : The article in Straits Times on Gail Simone had an error. The Birds of Prey tv series came out before Gail helmed the comics.Ā  šŸ˜€

ZOMG I met Gail Simone and Kurt Busiek

2 12 2007

Thanks to zer0’s post on the Singapore Writers Festival, I managed to get there in time for the panel on Heroes in Singapore.

and ZOMG, Gail signed a copy of Birds of Prey to me.

and you can’t tell that I edited it, can you?

/fanboy nonstop.

Am too high to post more.

Odex on WeHateThem.com

2 12 2007

Thanks to rexit at vr-zone who first posted it up.

Someone has created an Odex subpage to show his/her discontent at Odex’s action, and to show that paying customers aren’t to be taken lightly.

WeHateThem.com is a place for people to come together and share their opinions on organizations around the world. People who disapprove of organizations post their reasons while others vote on whether the reasons are valid or not. We provide an array of tools for people to share, rate and discuss about organizations around the world.

In my opinion, this is like a better version of the Odexsucks petition page, even if it is in beta.
Show your disapproval of Odex, and tell people of the amount you would have spent on the beloved anime series of your choice if not for Odex’s actions.

Before I give the link to the Odex page, please take note of some essential points.

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