Chuang Yi Bazaar ’07

26 11 2007

Headed over to the Bazaar yesterday with armed with more than two hundred dollars, and all I have left now is $42.20.


I had a hard time navigating the area though, since I haven’t been to Bukit Merah in around five years or so, the last time being to visit the library there for a much coveted book(at that time).

Anyway, on with the list of purchases.

There aren’t any pictures of the building and sale areas(I was too excited lol), but the entire area was quite big. I went there on Sunday so I was expecting hordes of people, but too my surprise there was actually lots of space to navigate around the books. I would estimate it to be around 20-40 people in each of the sections, including the ChuangYi staff.

The stacks of manga were towering over me, especially for the shelves with the more recent releases like Bleach, Naruto and Magister Negi Magi.

The staff was also very helpful, especially the two girls who helped me find where I could buy the English release of Negima and Vampire Knight.

But I didn’t buy any copy of those two series lol.

What I did buy was Superpsychic Nanaki(took it on a hunch that it would be yaoi), Samurai Champloo(it’s been on my watchlist for quite some time), Teen Titans(3-7), Teen Titans vs. JLA 3, Bleach.

I actually bought all 30 volumes of Bleach at one go, which came to about $112. Volumes 1-20 had 30% off, the rest the regular 20%. Honestly, Orihime’s hair in the comic sucks while Rukia looked a little better than in the anime. I have yet to slit open the plastic wrap other than for the first two books, don’t want to ruin them during the move.

I was thinking of buying Kekkaishi and Rave Master too..but they had some missing volumes and someone absolutely refused to buy unless they had a complete set for the series. :s

Animax also had a hand in the on-goings, as buyers of the newer comics were handed a free Animax goodie bag. It contains an issue of Playworks, assorted postcards of Death Note and Saiyuki Reload, installation CDs for GoPets and Lineage II(definitely firing this up) and some other stuff.

I also took a chance for the Otome trading figures at the retail store section, since they were much cheaper than at the local Comic Connections. It seems as if ChuangYi isn’t just going to distribute its publications, it’s going to set up its own retail store. Judging from the stock I saw at the Bazaar, it seems as if it might be a great inclusion to the anime merchandise shop we have here. There were the Mai Otome, Fate/Stay Night, Naruto, Gundam, Rurouni Kenshin and trading figures of other series. Figurines with various scales from 1/7 to 1/10 were there, though I couldn’t recognise any anime that I’m familiar with.

I’ll have the pictures up later, as well as a rant on the MO figures.



2 responses

28 11 2007

wow. some1 is rich here!

28 11 2007

Hahah, not as rich as you.
It’s the savings from this entire year. xD

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