Warning E-mails to downloaders in the U.S from Odex

19 11 2007

Odex is now sending warning e-mails to people in the U.S, from this thread on AnimeonDVD.

Paranoia is not unwarranted?

The e-mails are sent from a [company]@copyright-compliance.com domain, which, from the Whois Information(publicly accessible information), is a domain registered by BayTSP Inc.

If you reply, you’re probably an idiot, because Odex just wants your information. Sending e-mails through your ISP without knowing infringer details sounds good and all, but when you reply to the e-mail and NRIC you’ve already fallen into the trap.

It should be a rather enjoyable week for the anti-Odex crowd, because Singapore laws don’t stick in the US, and this just proves to be one more shot to the foot, from another continent.




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20 11 2007
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