The last week in action.

19 11 2007


  • I now have a fondness for bowling, and the cheapest alley I can find is around $2.20 for a game, which isn’t too expensive. Now to get my 300 score!
  • Bee Movie was a fun ride, and all the bee related puns were great. The middle of the movie, the court trial was rather fun. But if you take it seriously with a somewhat deeper view(it’s not very deep, all the same) the movie could be lambasting the current status of US law courts where you can get sued for anything. I want my $65,000,000 pinstriped pants now!
  • That one guy in the Straits Times writing about his trip to Japan cracked me up with the Meido Cafe experience. I never knew there were Imouya(Imouto Cafes).
  • I’d rather not work during the holidays and survive on my inheritance alone. But I am thinking of writing a few more articles to sell. online of course, I want to break my former record of not going out for two months the last holiday)

Animu and Manga

  • Still waiting for the Strawberry line of manga/light novels to come out proper before I head to Ani-Play.
  • Still watching Shugo Chara and YUA: FT, reviews won’t be coming out any more.
  • DrmChsr0’s posts are rather amusing and thought-provoking. I might not be watching fansubs because of him. o.0
  • Thinking of buying Saiyuki completed DVD($40+ for 1300 minutes worth of episodes), or Kannazuki no Miko boxset(significantly more expensive at $54 for all..16? episodes).
  • Onemanga is pissing me off being rerouting pages of Claymore into some random love story manga. and WTF Galatea is really blind?!!?!

Alright, I’m done with this summary. See you around.




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20 11 2007

“I want to break my former record of not going out for two months the last holiday”

And I thought my stay-home-a-month campaign back in sec1 was epic.

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