Kekkaishi on Ch56(E City)

17 10 2007

And here I was thinking I would finally get anime that aired according to my tastes on TV here.

But no way, they just had to screw up an already irritated fanbase.
Where’s the frigging dual sound you promised in the trailers?

I don’t want to be listening to Chinese subs and Chinese dubs, especially not when most seiyuus are to die for.

In order of preference, I’d like to have;

a) Japanese dub, English sub

b) Japanese dub, Chinese sub

c) Chinese dub, English sub

d) Chinese dub, Chinese sub

e) English dub

Maybe I’m throwing a childish tantrum, since the channel is aimed at Chinese people, but seriously..I’d rather not watch than have it totally tainted by not even knowing the real voices behind the characters.

Meh, at least it’s better than having it licensed and subbed by Odex since we know there’s just a -92123123% possibility that someone is actually going to sub commercially with Chinese speedsubs.

EDIT: Kekkaishi is not being subbed by Odex, unless they suddenly branched out into subbing in Chinese like Poh Kim.




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17 10 2007

I hate dubs. The chinese seiyuu for Haruhi has totally no idea of tsundere. She doesn’t bring out Haruhi’s personality like Aya does.

18 10 2007

It looks like a rather generic shounen show. And monks don’t really draw my interest at all.

56 always promises dual sound in trailers but never carries them out -_-

I don’t have a problem with Chinese dubs, since it’s not like I can’t understand Chinese.

19 10 2007

Maa, I think it’s on the okay side. The problem is that they purposely advertise with a friggin’ huge icon for Dual Sound, but never get it working. And that only applies to the 7-8pm timeslot. Anime/Dramas on other times do get dual sound.(1 liter of tears, Black Jack OVAS)

In any case, the ED for Kekkaishi is nice.

19 10 2007

Please keep up with the sustained pressure against Odex (as they are the ones giving the broadcasting rights to E City, Central, TV3, ntv7, TV 9 and Channel 8, the last 4 channels are Malaysian-based channels! FSCK YOU, MDA! I CAN HAEZ ANTENNA!)

There must be a continuous effort by us anime bloggers to highlight these neverending broken promises. I’m not upping the ante and go over libel territory here, but this is a fact: they never deliver what they promised. But do please wait for at least a few more episodes (like before Ep. 5) before you can fire off another verbal volley.

19 10 2007

I think I stated that Kekkaishi wasn’t subbed by Odex, since this was subbed in Chinese(and in a nicer font than what I’ve seen from distros in Singapore).

But I’ll edit in case it wasn’t clear.
This post was more of a comment on E-City’s advertising ploys(lol) rather than Odex.

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