You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle Episode 2

15 10 2007

You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle Episode 2 – The Small Samurai

Rating: 8/10

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CCCP with WMP 11 seems to screw up timing.

Summary : Randy is being pressured by his lawyers to get back to America, but what he really wants is to stay in Japan with his samurai grandfather. With the help of the Bokuto Station Policemen and Policewomen, will he get his wish?

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Miyuki and Natsumi are reprimanded for doing things the way they did to escape the Yakuza in Episode One at the start of the episode.. Natsumi still cracks me up with her blunt manner, and then they head to a cafe after that discussing their options regarding Randy. Natsumi says what we’ve all been thinking, that Miyuki’s analytical way of thinking never changes. 😀

Randy falls asleep in the cafe, and the three head home.

Some shots of Natsumi showering and measuring her weight(lol she laughs and says she didn’t see it) while Miyuki puts Randy to bed and then Natsumi drinking.(wheat drink/sake?) Natsumi wakes up to rock music in her earphones and the finished cans are scattered in front of her(she fell asleep on the table). She’s still waking up late! xD

There’s some Aoi and Yoriko interaction where Yoriko talks about Randy being a billionaire’s son, being in totally different world. Aoi says that Randy ‘just wants the strength to live as a powerful man’, to which Yoriko replies ‘Aoi-chan wants to be a powerful man too, right?’.(LOL, since Aoi is actually a guy, if you haven’t watched the first two seasons of YUA)
Lawyers representing the Hammonds are demanding that Randy go back to America and help to stabilise the situation there since Randy’s relatives are trying to gain custody of him.

Randy refuses and wants to see his grandfather, who is actually a samurai of sorts. The problem is that his grandfather has refused to take responsibility for Randy and had disowned his daughter(Randy’s mom).

Miyuki and Natsumi arrive at the grandfather’s(Ikari Toranosuke) house which is actually a dojo(Ikari Kendo dojo). As Natsumi walks in on Toranosuke’s training in the backyard and tries to fight her to force her to leave. But knowing Natsumi, she just grabs the shinai while telling him he has to see Randy. Miyuki stops it with an observation on Toranosuke not having disowned his daughter and then Natsumi disables him.

Randy and Nakajima Ken are at a castle where Nakajima goes off on his ‘burning spirit’(with a fully powered sunglass glint).
The grandpa’s still struggling with Natsumi while in the back of the car.

Nakajima Ken is starting a fight with Randy where the lawyers are filming them. Randy tries valiantly to fight and just as his stick gets broken(it sort of shatters lol, more physics defying to come) and he gets thrown to the ground, bouncing like three times before sliding to a stop.
Grandpa jumps down from the cliff(with minor smoke effects) and proclaims that Randy’s mother never stopped charging in and fighting even if her sword had been broken.
Randy gets up and passes grandpa the locket. Two pictures are seen, one of Randy and his mother, and one of Grandpa and Randy’s mother on the other side. The lawyers butt in and says that Grandpa just wants to renew ties with Randy for the inheritance, but he just points the kendo stick and goes Bakayaro!

-Insert Nakajima stuttering at the station when trying to welcome Miyuki back into the fold and more Natsumi grinning-

The Randy arc is now over, File 3 is Strong Arm! Parking Violation Wrestler

W00t! Finally, we’re back to the old YUA style and Today’s going to be making its much awaited appearance! I’m betting that Strikeman will be in the next episode, trying to stop the law-breakers too.

No car chase this episode, just the focus on Randy and his grandfather, and slight Miyuki Natsuki with them getting back in tandem. It’s like they never separated at all. 😀
I might be nitpicking, but the art was bothering me this episode. It’s just the sideviews of characters, and the lack of details and the colours..they are sort of dull..:s

I’ll be X-ing the WMP when the ED starts. It’s so bad when everyone is goin, “oooh yuri ed, can’t wait to see some Miyumi/Natsumi action”(I typed natsuki dammit) and I know that it will never be realised just because. But hey, that’s what fanfiction and doujins are for.



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15 10 2007

i do believe that it was Natsumi who was the blunt one… while miyuki was more tactful.

15 10 2007

Gomenasai!! I wrote the wrong name! It’s edited now.

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