You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle Episode 1

12 10 2007

Watching YUA: FT = Better than Sex.


Rating : 10/10
Reason : Underneath the cut
After reading Tsubaki’s post I had an overwhelming urge to watch it, even though I had a backlog of Bleach, Nanoha StrikerS, Lucky Star and Gunslinger Girl to clear up.

And even if I just swore not to buy any more merchandise an hour ago, it is useless in the face of the goddesses.

You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle is made of WIN, WIN and more WIN.

Most of the bloggers proclaiming their love for the new season are over 18 and have watched all two previous seasons, and the OVA. I haven’t really watched everything related to it, but watching the episode brought back so many wonderful memories of curling up in front of the TV on the sofa,and watching it on AXN and the characters.

It seems that they’ve reworked the character designs and colouring to be more “modern”, but after looking at some of the higher quality screenshots of the first two seasons, I’ve found that sort of prefer the first season’s art, especially of the hair. Those peeves apply more to the supporting characters(namely; Aoi and Yoriko) than Natsumi and Miyuki though. :s
Maybe it’s because of the lousy quality provided by Crunchyroll…and I paid $15, dammit.(Penchant for being suckered into bad buys kicked in at that time)

Things like Miyuki’s skill with computers and driving, Natsumi’s muscle building and eating habits came back to me throughout the course of the episode and man was I grinning like a madman at their actions.

The otaku luggage scene at the start of the episode threw me into ROFLMAOLOLs mode. Like Tsubaki said, Hulk Smash!!!, if anyone was to do it to my precious.

Randy Hammond was also such a refreshing change to the whining cockroach in Claymore. You rock, kid.

Braking scene frigging rocked my socks, and /biggrin at the yakuza goons flying through the air and faces through the .

Yuri overtones in the ED also really helped. 😀 I bet there’s totally gonna be a dozen YUA MiyukixNatsumi fics flying around on shoujoai.

All in all, this frigging rocked, though I do wish a higher quality raw had gotten out.




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12 10 2007

I was never a fan of YUA, though I watched bits and pieces of the 2nd season(at least I think it was the 2nd) on AXN. For me, its more of a got-time-will-watch type unless I heard mad reviews about its awesomeness.

13 10 2007

I need to watch this anime!! but no one uploads it to stage6 Y_Y

13 10 2007

@ Sol : My links should be enough to make you watch. These reviews are definitely mad on awesomeness.

@TRM : Crunchyroll has it. Somehow only one fansubber is doing it, instead of a group.

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