Batman: Hong Kong

11 10 2007

I’ve always been a fan of DC Comics, especially their stable of the biggest heroes available in the superhero universe. Namely ; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans and the Birds of Prey.

Getting to the library yesterday, I came across Batman : Hong Kong.

At first, the font on the spine of the hardcover almost stumped me, but I grabbed it anyway since all the other titles were already read.

When I opened the book, the art stunned me. Call me a noob, but I’ve never seen such a mix of great art.

It looked as if the art was painted in one panel, and then coloured normally in another, all on the same page. The paint job was wonderful and flowed well to the point where I was wondering how it was possible to mix both styles at once.


Storyline wise, this isn’t good at all.
When the focus is on Batman, it feels like he’s slipping around with no exact clue to his destination nor motives, while the introduction of NightDragon is also vague, and somehow all the characters feel shallow.

Character designs are mostly done in the traditional Manhua manner, as most of the Chinese characters have thick arched eyebrows, and DBZ style muscles.

Of course, that was gleaned from just my perusal half-way into the book.

It would be worth buying for artistic references though.

More reviews can be found from, and Lovehkfilm and an Excerpt/Preview(PDF file) is available here, courtesy of DC Comics.




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11 10 2007

it was drawn by HK artist… therefore, not much DC marvel art style.

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