Odex Saga on Get Real – Channel News Asia Programme

10 10 2007

In my earlier post, I pushed out a request for Odexed people, as a TV director had contacted Xedo Defense to get some Odexed people to be interviewed on the Odex Saga.

The interview has already gotten the amount of needed Odexed people, so the recruitment(of sorts) is over.

At the same time, Zer0 also got an invitation e-mail to participate in a Get Real! interview on the Odex saga,

He has detailed the episode theme, as well as his role in the interview and the things that he spoke about.

Check out his entry, and then let’s talk about what Odex will do, now that they’re getting featured on National TV. 😀

Crossposted to : Hardwarezone, Vr-Zone, SgCafe and Fragnetics. I’m a lazy pig who <3s HWZ.

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3 responses

10 10 2007

confirm tio tape lol

11 10 2007

Zero’s shirt rocks.

So does Cospa

12 10 2007
The Singapore Daily

Hi Gatou, thanks for the info. Your post has been featured in The Singapore Daily [singaporedaily.wordpress.com] and added to our Odex Updates. Keep blogging!

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