Claymore Manga Extra Scene Chapter 4 – An Iron Resolve

7 10 2007

It’s about time.

Title: An Iron Resolve

This time, the Special offers us an in-depth look into what Clare did after Teresa’s death and before the happenings in the manga…

Spoilers/Summary underneath the cut…

Well, it sucks to be Clare.

Right after she gets accepted into The Organisation, she gets hassled and beaten by another girl(who looks like Deneve with a longer fringe, but let us name her the girl) who is in training, and more experienced in wielding training Claymores. It seems that the other recruits are all aware of Clare’s connection to Teresa..So why do Miria and the others not know? 

At least the Organisation doesn’t do a half-assed job in training them. Clare relocates her dislocated shoulder and tries to fight again. Damn it, she’s still that determined.

The scene skips to a year after Rubel(?) breaks the two of them up before they can restart the battle.

10 Claymores are being split into two groups of 5 each, and the five who win can get to be Claymores.  All the instructors are guys.. This time, the girl from before is in the other group from Clare. Clare splits from her group saying she senses something, and comes upon the girl.

A fight ensues. Come on..who wouldn’t have thought of that?

As they fight, Clare is definitely outclassed by the girl, but she manages to kick a rock up into the girl’s forehead. Dirty tricks, me likes. Clare runs up into the buildings and is chased by the girl, whereupon they discover the girl’s group dead/unconscious.

A yoma appears and uses the tentacles attack to pierce through the girl’s body.

The trainer sits by a grassy knoll near the battle site, and muses on whether anyone will survive.

Clare drags the girl along as she escapes the Yoma, and the girl being the ungrateful ass that she is, shouts that she would rather die than be saved by Clare.  This is when we go kakoi!~
Clare throws the girl to the wall and tells her not to throw away her life, and no matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it might be, she needs to struggle on to the very end.

But Clare’s shoulder dislocates again. Stupid.


Now we know why Clare has short hair.

Clare kills the Yoma, and looks so cool in doing so that everyone will go KAKOIIII!!!~~ upon seeing it, much more than with the earlier scene.

Rubel appears again next to the trainer, and wonders just what kinds of battles lie in store for her.

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