Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Live-Action?

5 10 2007

While surfing tags on WordPress, I stumbled upon this post for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

There’s going to be live-action, something of which I had no idea at all, but it seems to be a pretty old post..

Source: The Diary of Althaea di Fergion

I always have misgivings towards live-actions, mostly because of my disbelief that real actors can pull off what anime characters do.

However, since the actress is Misa from the Death Note movies..I’ll be looking out for it.

While we’re on the subject of live-action, where’s the first episode of the Magister Negi Magi live-action?




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5 10 2007

i think that kyon guy acted as ‘Page’ in akihabara@deep too.

5 10 2007

link for the negima drama….

They went to get a girl to act as negima!!!

here’s her pictures before transformation:

and the aftermath of her transformation, the one u see at the negima drama site..*eye burns

5 10 2007

Hmm… If I remember correctly, this was a hoax, though I’m not too sure. But a live-action with this sort of a cast will be godsend.

5 10 2007

I know that the person playing Negi was a girl. But eh..
Someone get me the episode! 😛

5 10 2007

I read about this quite some time ago, but haven’t heard of it since.

Anyway, live actions are always full of fail.

6 10 2007

not really chraen. oi thought the shinigami no ballad live action wasn’t too bad.

but seriously, can that cute girl really be …..NEGI?! zettai muri!

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