Me wants to buy moar stuffz.

4 10 2007

Image-centric personal rant.

Seriously, the entire situation is stressing me out so hard I can’t help but want to get online even more.

Well, here’s my wishlist.

Mai Otome Trading Figure

Otome trading figures, only Natsuki, Shizuru, Haruka and Nao needed.
Shizuru Swimsuit

Shizuru. ‘Nuff said.

Although, I wonder how I can get to display it, and where I’ll actually put it at. The Black Saber has been stagnating, unopened in the delivery box at the bottom of my desk. Someone take it off my hands, and give her a place where she deserves to shine in.


Kruger. Sold out, and certainly not seeing a restock anytime soon.

Otome PS2

Otome PS2 game. Again, sold out.

Clare figuru

Clare. Pre-order coming soon…But no money.

This is even worse.
Claymore Limited Edition Sequence.2 [Limited Edition] US$ 131.90 (~197.94 SGD)
I need to wait for the US release, even if the art is too pretty.

And fuck..I need to get my raws or subs soon..It’s really really getting weird to be watching anime on TV and through VCDs..I mean, I’d buy the hardcopies, but I still prefer a digital medium




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4 10 2007

I thought of getting Clare, but her face doesn’t look too nice. Ah well…

5 10 2007
Sylon Beta

Aw cheer up, VeohTV loads faster than the usual streaming.

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