Odex’s eNets payment apparently doesn’t exist!

3 10 2007

Another bullet to Odex’s foot from its own staff that shows how utterly clueless even in their meagre office space Odex is.

It is very sad.

Sauce gotten from lockie of Sgcafe. The post can be found here, while the original has been sent into hammerspace by Odex webmasters since the forum is getting a “new look“.

Originally Posted by Mizushima

Ok a few days ago I emailed their customer service (after the eNets are implemented) to ask about how eNets work and how it can help us purchase stuff online from Odex and I saw their reply today… it was replied yesturday at 6.52.03PM (Monday, October 01, 2007)


Dear Customer

We did not implement eNets on our website.
As such, we are unable to advise how eNets functions.

Currently, we only have PayPal for online purchases.

Customer Service Section


So… any idea if we can really use eNets to purchase stuff?


My reaction : ROFLMAO and WTF I wasted my time on something that didn’t exist???

My Observations :

  1. Total lack of communication between Odex director and employees.
  2. Odex forum has been sent to cyberhell, probably for purging of accounts of the forumers, and clearing of the detrimental threads to Odex’s reputation.
  3. If Point 2 was correct, then it is very sad. 😦 To just clean up threads, you have to take down the entire forum and possibly purge it all and blame it on a hard/software failure.
  4. More bullshit is to come.

Lucky my money wasn’t wasted along with my time. Also, in searching for the cache of the Odex forums, I came across a certain (0.0)y’s e-mail address. Apparently, he’s fond of his initials.

Odex doesn’t make any sense, and with the appeal dragging on, I feel for the victims of this scam who have been coerced into paying a huge sum of money.

Therefore, here’s my call.
XedoDefense has been approached by a local TV for Odexed victims to appear on their show to discuss privacy and Odex issues.

Privacy of anyone who offers to go up on the show will be protected, and the show will probably not be censoring or twisting the show into a sympathy show for the cause that Odex has created rather than for the victims.
So here’s the link : http://xedodefense.org/smf/index.php?topic=496.0

Contact Xedo Senshi of XedoDefence if you want to take a stand against Odex, and stand up for the many other people who are being cowed into submission by Odex’s scare tactics.




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3 10 2007
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