More shots of Odex’s Haruhi

29 09 2007

I agree with you, Haruhi-sama.

WARNING : Image-centric post!




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More copying? If anyone watched the episode last night, or today morning, the Chinese dub was totally different. From what I can recall, it was “I can’t stand it.”

From here onwards, there are no more comparisons because I don’t download subs, Odex.






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29 09 2007

There were quite a few instances where the subs said way more than what was said in the Chinese dub.

And they spelt ‘stars’ as ‘starts’. Hello? If you want to copy at least copy properly can?

29 09 2007

Another scandal, huh… This is going to be troublesome.

30 09 2007

Troublesome? Its gonna be fun! Lets all grab some popcorn and see how Odex squirms outta this one.

30 09 2007

@Chraen : Do what students do when copying homework from friends. Make mistakes.

@sylonbeta and sol : 😀 I’ll probably be taking more pictures.

30 09 2007

Odex sucks. They are just trying to earn money and own the market. They are sending fine letters to stop SG people from download so we could not known in the future are they copying from Fan subs anot

14 10 2007
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