New payment method for Odex VOD credits/points

28 09 2007

After all the complaining and complaining about Odex’s original payment method for the VOD service, Paypal, Odex has removed that option.

However, they replaced it with another method that isn’t any improvement, eNets. And removed all other options. -_-”
The new payment method is like a more complicated and potentially dangerous version of Paypal, since Odex is using a third-party, 12epay, which requires you to give out even more of your information like phone numbers and personal details more than what is transmitted through Paypal transactions, and which seems to have no encryptions at all. *

I urge you not to follow what I’m about to do!

You have to go through 3 steps at the 12epay link that Odex gives at its Help page, which I will go through now.

First, the default amount of credits set by is 10 points, meaning $10.00SGD. Be careful that you don’t click the link more than once, as it will then increase the quantity by 1, making you pay $20.00 if you aren’t alert enough. Right-Click and View Picture for the full size.
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After you decide on the amount of points/credits you want to buy, it’s Step 2 where you have to input your mobile phone number(even though they started the number with a 65) to get the Security Pin for confirmation of sales.

After doing that, tick the T&C agreement and then click next.

It’s Step 3 now, and the Security Pin is a 4 digit code. Now, you have to fill in all kinds of information such as:

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There’s also an extra charge of 7% GST. The current available form of payments are Credit Cards and Internet Banking. For Credit Card there are two available options, VISA and Mastercard where you have to fill in CC type, Card Holder Name and other stuff.

Personally, I think Odex is going into e-business half-assedly.

For every purchase of a DVD boxset($20/20 credits), you get 1 reward point.
When you get 7 reward points, you get a 42cm x 60cm “exclusive” poster.
To get to 7 reward points, you need to spend at least $140 on buying their DVD, with an additional $5 delivery charge.

We do not allow the user to cancel, change, combine shipping or add items to an order once it has been processed.

This means that you have you have to make orders for the DVD sets together in one shot to avoid paying the huge delivery fees if you order separately, and triple and double check the list and payment prices, because it can’t be changed in any way.

12epay’s interface also looks crappyunprofessional and incredibly unsafe. Not something that Odex should have used when trying to gain people’s trust.

There are also hardly any products to buy, even if there’s a way to pay. The frontpage is never updated except the updates of the Top Downloads list by the bottom left corner. Another English mistake is to be found!

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Yay, it automatically updates! But wait, what are these shows? The Story of The Ring? Odex is going to head into distributing movies? It’s already enough of a horrorfest, we don’t need more fear from Samara.

Nah, actually these are just the titles of the episodes of Seto No Hanayome, one of Odex’s two titles available for VOD.

Shouldn’t there be a header of Seto No Hanayome, then the name of the episodes? If not, people like me could be confused and actually think that there are new series available.

And for this:

Mistake! There was an attempt of an automatic insert of the message in a forum. Your message is sent to hell.

It’s not funny, and it offends my religion when you mention hell. Where’s that reputed religion sensitivity?**

Post proudly sponsored by Zenical, who visited the Odex website and noticed that they updated their payment method. More details on the update to be found there.

*Edit on 29/8/07 : After heading over to the 12epay Checkout link using Firefox, there actually is 128 bit SSL encryption. My bad, I was using Firefox with NoScript(thanks to the IP unmasker on Odex forums), so it didn’t show up.

*Edit on 4/10/07 :  Got some information from hammerng at XedoDefense. It seems as if the encryption is nothing but a SSL certificate that proves Chainfusion(12epay) is legit, after which Chainfusion(12epay) passes the baton to eNets. >.<

**If you think I was being serious, you go to hell. 😛




10 responses

28 09 2007

forget this method and just have PREPAID LA =X

28 09 2007

fuck this shit. its easier to pay for japanese av VOD then this load of crap.

28 09 2007

LOL prepaid. Thats like maple story. But prepaid is more expensive for Odex than other forms of payment. Cards cost much more than simple online purchases. Thats probably why Odex hasn’t gone into the prepaid scheme yet.

29 09 2007

crap..they are digging their own graves…wait..that’s goooooood…

29 09 2007

let them die better. make them have lossess… wait dint they earn alot these past months? those who have been xedo-ed?

29 09 2007

Wtf, how will switching from PayPal to this eNets whatever shit make anything easier?

And who actually buys their VoD anyway?

29 09 2007
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29 09 2007

ppl who supports them chraen. LOL

29 09 2007

yeah i got the message sent to hell. i was like. wtf is this crap?!?!?!

29 09 2007

I signed up a new account just to try out the VoD, since it gives 2 credits on signup. Can keep signing up lol?

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