Negima!: Magister Negi Magi Live Action Drama trailer!

23 09 2007

WooHoo! It’s finally here!

Official Website:

My reaction was OMFG! They actually have finished filming the entire thing! The starting camera was a little shaky, and the entire thing reeked of Harry Potter with the background music and setting. However, it gave me a renewed enthusiasm for the Negima! series. Asuna looks pretty good, and her fight with Ayaka was just funny and great. Asu-baka!

Some points to note though;

It’s going to be even harder identifying the characters in the drama, since all of the cast members are Japanese, all of them have black/brown/red hair(other than Negi, the men, and Chachamaru).

Evangeline is supposed to be Caucasian and have blond hair but she’s looking like some random girl from the street wearing a Harry Potter hat..

Mana is extremely tanned, and has hairbands(or whatever you call them).

Zazie also needs a tan, badly.And face paint, and a change in hairstyle.

Kaede is one of the tallest, and they got a 13 year old actress to play her. She’s probably also shorter than the Narutaki twins in the drama, who are the shortest.

Nodoka’s hair is bad. They could have lengthened the fringe, and brought down more of her har for the bangs.

Negi’s hair is my biggest beef for now. It’s all over the place, and I thought they could have used more liberal amounts of Gatsby for making it slicker rather than having it straw-like.

That’s all for now. I’ll eagerly awaiting for my enjoyment of the drama after my exams. ^.^




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23 09 2007

omg. where to get this. i wanna watch!!!!!

23 09 2007

What? I can’t find Evangeline? Ohmyhoney, where are you?

23 09 2007

oh my honey. wait long long =X

23 09 2007

Eva’s mine! Or Chachamaru’s, really. 😛

She’s the one in the wizard hat after Negi broke up Asuna and Ayaka’s fight, the one Chachamaru was walking towards.

23 09 2007

bahhh when is it coming out? @@

23 09 2007

3/10/2007, I think.

23 09 2007
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24 09 2007

WTH! She doesn’t even have blond hair. And she’s so tall. Isn’t she supposed to be a cute loli??

25 09 2007

for a fan of akamatsu’s work….this looks crap.

i practically differentiate the girls.and zazie had a 360 degree change.

and forget the gatsby wax.negi doesnt need wax.he NEEDS gatsby clay, and an insane amount of hairspray. they are too stingy with the hairspray. did i mention negi looked dumb more than cute btw?

30 09 2007
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7 11 2007
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