Mai HiMe Episodes 1-10

22 09 2007

I was just rewatching Mai HiMe using the new home theater system, and there was no visible increase/decrease in quality when the picture was enlarged. I think my lack of skill in manipulating the remote control contributed to the bad dimensions of the the default picture though. But hey, it was from a thumbdrive instead of a made-for-tv DVD or VCD. ^.^

Anyway, I relived the first half of the entire thing.and cringed much more horribly at the lousily done fanservice with Natsuki. Poor kid.. I HATE takeda.

*chants Shiznat, reads Shiznat, sees Shiznat*

Ahhhh..all better.Back to the topic

Just noticed a few more random stuff too, in rewatching this for the umpteenth time. Apparently when in Episode 7 the lolicon whom Mikoto baited(after she was misled by Nao as part of “looking for big brother”) was dragged away by some men after Natsuki and Mai rushed in and let him ‘escape for this time’.

It seems like First District was still actively involved even back then, trailing the HiMes around. Although, Natsuki being the clueless idiot that she is, doesn’t notice at all even when they(the two men from First District and the lolicon) are making a few surprised noises and just a few metres behind her.


Couldn’t help but totally go fangirl at the sight of Nao either. Again. Whenever she shows up in Mai HiMe, I do the entire fangirling for beginners package. Squealing, swooning, jumping around, you name it, I did it.







HiMe continues to find new ways to make me fall head over heels with it every time.

PS. More pictures to come later when I can screencap, and when I can find enough proper time for relaxation to blog about the episodes properly.



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22 09 2007

Otome is better lawl…

23 09 2007

Otome was cool and all, but they frigging gave Shizuru to Tomoe. Which is unforgivable, as is the random crap they spewed out in terms of plot.

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