Mai Hime Destiny

15 09 2007

I think I’m about to like Mai HiMe Destiny.

Why? Because Shion and Mayo are the love childs from a yuri orgy of all the female characters in Mai HiMe. Or maybe because Shion is a Natsuki/Nao/Chie clone, and Mayo is a Mai/Shiho/Natsuki-in-a-dress clone.

Evidence(thanks to Guubear) is here :
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And Shion and Mayo are going to be in Mai Otome 0/S.ifr probably as a Master/Otome pair. ^.^

However, I still like Shion in the Destiny School outfit more than the new cloak thingy she wears in the previews.



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15 09 2007

that depends how we’re gonna to get to watch it ==

15 09 2007

I don’t think Destiny will be ever made into a anime series. It’d just screw up the Mai HiMe, and I’m not sure I want it to go the way of the Mai Otome with all the plot-kai’s/weird stuff/pr0n.

But, I’m still holding out for Mai Otome 0/S.ifl since Shion seems to be made of of Chie/Nao/Natsuki which ensures a mark of WIN if she is.

A young Miss Maria and Rena Sayers are also eye-candy since the new(or not so new since this is a prequel) columns look like frizzyhairedgranniesbecausethechara.designershaverunoutethideas unattractive versions of the current columns. 😛

16 09 2007
16 09 2007

I know! It’s the first on my shopping cart for Play-asia, and play-asia ships it considerally cheaper at $59.37 SGD with free air-mail.

But…it’s still in pre-order stage and I don’t want to risk my money getting to them before they have confirmed stocks since I’m going to be using paypal…

*grabs chunks of hair*

19 05 2008

well, acctually i hope the do make it into an anime, but i hope they do it well, otherwise we will all have to KILL SONIC, aww heck lets do it anyway

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